Drabble - Like Ashes

Sep 28, 2009 01:04

Since I've had menstruation on the brain, here's a drabble.

Title: Like Ashes
Timing: The morning after NFA
Rating: PG
Pairing: Faith/Angel
Summary: Angel faces a sad truth.


The sky is grey when he opens his eyes, the first rays of sun pressing through the blinds. He watches the triangle of light against the wall grow minutely. It means the world ( Read more... )

angel/faith, fic, drabble, menstruation

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clawofcat September 28 2009, 19:01:39 UTC
I know. Poor Angel! *pets him* Poor baby is suffering and not even nummy blood can cheer him up.


kseenaa October 2 2009, 19:32:44 UTC
Awww... Poor Angel. *pats him*


clawofcat October 3 2009, 18:57:08 UTC
I know. Sympathy for the old broodpire is definately in store.


street_kitty October 21 2009, 13:18:27 UTC
i loved this when you read it to me, and wanted to comment.

open-ended yet so concrete. true drabbles are difficult; this is one of the best i've read.

the world hasn't ended. the light proves it. life goes on, faith's blood proves it. angel is moved to cry. how couldn't he be?

so sad. so hopeful. the beginning and the end. except not the end. the end of an era, more like.

leaves me wanting more, but knowing in my gut that it's enough by itself. all packed in, tight as a cinderblock and fluid as a stream. one line from faith gives it the weight it requires.


clawofcat October 21 2009, 16:31:32 UTC
Thanks for the lovely feedback, doll. Always nice to get a comment from you. I like this, too, but when you said this is one of the best i've read I just thought surely you jest. I'm not much a drabbler and as you can see not many people have read it ( ... )


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