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Jun 16, 2020 11:40

Welcome to my journal. This journal is f-locked. If you are only passing by for fic updates or fanart, all of those are moved to my fanart community, so feel free to watch that community ( Read more... )

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umassbluangel July 21 2006, 18:34:11 UTC
Hey wicked sorry about posting in your livejournal... but I just got banned from _entourage and I know you are a maintainer there.
But I wanted to plead my case.
Pradagirl banned me for "arguing" with her in an adult manner.
I didn't act like a 14 year old with her and say stuff like "omg u whore, die!".
I was just stating that I disagreed with her on an issue and she banned me for no reason.
That is not very democratic nor does it show leadership. She was unwilling to listen at all.
I was saying that it takes a long time to upload one episode and to wait for like 5 to upload would take an insane amount of time... and that she should be glad people are willing to upload - because we do have great members...
I love this community and have been a member for a long time and enjoy it a lot and I don't go around trolling or anything and I don't feel like one lame arguement should be grounds for banning.
I really didn't do anything that deserved banning.
Anyways, if there is anything you could do, I would appreciate it immensely.
Again, sorry for posting to your personal journal. Thanks for your time.


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