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Hellenistic and Early Modern Philosophy

Early modern philosophers looked for inspiration to the later ancient thinkers when they rebelled against the dominant Platonic and Aristotelian traditions. The impact of the Hellenistic philosophers on such philosophers as Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza, and Locke was profound and is ripe for reassessment. These new essays offer precisely that. Leading historians of philosophy explore the connections between Hellenistic and early modern philosophy by taking account of new scholarly and philosophical advances in these essays. There work provides invaluable point of reference for philosophers, historians of ideas and classicists.

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Hellenistic Philosophy of Mind

From Library Journal
This volume represents the eighth installment in the series "Hellenistic Culture and Society." Annas's objective is to place a renewed importance upon the previously underappreciated post-Aristotelian philosophers, mainly the Stoics and Epicureans. The author contends that the enormous variety of medical and scientific advances that were occurring during the Hellenistic Age made the study of philosophy separate from the study of science and medicine, thereby creating the opening for new, original schools of thought to replace the "reduced" Platonic and Aristotelian schools. Annas makes available a wealth of helpful background information condensed in footnotes that will guide the novice philosophy student to a comprehension and appreciation for this mentally strenuous and scholarly work.

Glenn Lesses, Canadian Philosophical Review
"In her systematic examination of Stoic and Epicurean theories of mind, Julia Annas seeks to demonstrate the innovative nature of their views. According to Annas' exactingly lucid book, the Stoic and Epicurean accounts are philosophically worthy and, properly construed, the first genuine theories of mind. . . . Annas carefully and sympathetically attends to the arguments that the Stoics and Epicureans construct, while indicating their defects. As a result, we gain a sense of the enormous attraction of their reasoned, philosophical positions. . . . A model of philosophical scholarship about Hellenistic antiquity."

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Language and Learning: Philosophy of Language in the Hellenistic Age

"The carefully-edited volume includes useful indexes and a bibliography. All significant Greek and Latin quotations are presented both in the original and in translation. This collection covers an area that deserves attention, and is essential reading for those who study Hellenistic philosophy."

Hellenistic philosophers and scholars laid the foundations upon which Western tradition developed analytical grammar, linguistics, philosophy of language and other disciplines. Building on the pioneering work of Plato, Aristotle and earlier thinkers, they developed a wide range of theories about the nature and origin of language. Ten essays explore the ancient theories, their philosophical adequacy, and their impact on later thinkers from Augustine through the Middle Ages.

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The Neo-Platonists. A study in the history of hellenism, Thomas Whittaker

Краткая отсебятина: Книга 1918-го года, выпущена издательством Кембриджского университета. Книга подробная и хорошо информирующая о состоянии дел в греческой философии эллинестического периода, затронуты такие темы как психология, метафизика, космология и тэодицея, эстетика и этика. Рассмотрены не только нео-платоники, но и их влияния на Ямвлиха и гностиков. Заодно рассмотрен "коммунизм Платона".

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