Romeo And Juliet

Feb 15, 2010 21:31

So recently I have started my goal of watching 100 movies by the end of this year and, at school, we have started reading Romeo and Juliet.

And since I knew there were a couple of movies based off Romeo & Juliet, I thought I should watch one.

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lady_di_8585 February 16 2010, 14:42:13 UTC
that version on R&J never gets old
effing LOVE Leo <3 forever

I have a agree with you that the "love" between Romeo and Juliet is not really love - it's love at first sight - which is really just attraction and lust.


brokencrystal7 February 16 2010, 23:59:42 UTC
At first when I started watching this movie, I thought of it as a joke because I just found it so weird with the modern mixed with Shakespeare's play. It was so odd but as I kept watching the movie, I got used to it and fell in love with it. Leo might have played a part in me liking this movie sfm ngl ;D

Well I read somewhere that during that time "love at first sight" was considered "love" for them. That if they took a while to fall in love with someone, it couldn't be love. That is why at the end I said that it might have been their definition of love in their time but for us it isn't because we have a different definition/way of looking at love.


lady_di_8585 February 17 2010, 00:11:08 UTC
ya, the first time I saw it - way back in like 6th grade when I didn't understand iambic pentameter - I thought the movie was fucking ridiculous... (I admit that Leo was the only reason I saw it in the first place)

Now, really, I am impressed with their use of iambic pentameter in the real world setting... it gave the film such an otherworldly feel

and it makes sense that "love at first site" was "love" back then... people got married 15, and that was late!... most people didn't live past their 30's so the "lifetime commitment" of love wasn't anything like it is now... and really, for them, love and marriage was a necessity... Juliet could never have been anything besides a wife and Romeo needed heirs, that's what life was back then - that was what love was for... so the definition of "love" has evolved with our species - I suppose that's what I meant to say


brokencrystal7 February 17 2010, 00:25:46 UTC
If it wasn't for Leo, I probably won't have seen the movie in the first place xD
But I'm so glad I did now. I was very impressed with their use of iambic pentameter too. It gave this movie something unique and it stands out in a good way. And leaving the original dialogue with the mix of the modern world was amazing and very hard to pull off imo.

Exactly! And that is why it was (and still is I suppose) called a love story because of that idea of back in the day thinking love at first sight was love and the only way to ever find a mate to marry. The earlier they marry, the earlier their name can be passed on to child.


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