Jul 26, 2009 16:17

I can't stop listening to this song:

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I just spent an hour searching frantically for the SD memory card for my mother's camera. For some reason I didn't put it in the camera and I was convinced it had been accidentally pushed into the bin which was taken out. I searched everywhere, in very silly places too. Eventually I stopped and thought about ( Read more... )


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amanda1516 July 27 2009, 18:32:53 UTC
I've now watched that video 3 times in a row (yay for time-wasting!) and I've put that comic site in my favorites for later use- it looks pretty cool.

Also, I completely freak out when I lose things so your camera situation doesn't seem weird at all ;)


brainexplosions July 28 2009, 12:42:16 UTC
That song is great :) Thanks for all the comments!


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