Buffy rewatch: 2.17. Passion

Sep 24, 2011 23:29

One of the high points of the show and its first really heartbreaking episode, this was the moment when I first realized BtVS was one of the greatest dramas on TV. Having Angel go evil was a bold move, but the real game-changer was having him kill a character we know and care about and cause great pain and loss to a core Scooby member.

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tennyo_elf September 26 2011, 01:31:53 UTC
Nice review, Passion was definitely one of my most remembered early Buffy episodes.

On the season 8 spoilers, I think Joss has come along way in his view of his own show and mythology. He's still making it up as he writes but I think he's starting to understand nuances more so now than before.


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