sPN fic: Red, Chapter 10/10

Nov 25, 2006 21:38

Red, Chapter 10/Between Murder and Breakdown

Lore: Folktales belong to the people, words to me, canon to the Krip.

‘Ware: PG-13, Gen, heaps of cussing, gory as hell, featuring Deansicle and BigAngrySam. Based on Little Red Riding Hood, which was always about sex and violence, so there you go. COMPLETE.

Beta Love: Oh, I could gush torrents, ( Read more... )

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janissa11 November 26 2006, 01:59:33 UTC
Oh, my sweet Jesus. This story. I tellya. I FROZE when he saw Tanya. I froze with my jaw hanging, because definitely flies on me, I did not see that coming. Oh thank heavens. And FIERCE SAM, is there ANYTHING better than that in this world? Except snarky-hurting-Dean, which, okay, yeah.

This is pretty much the best goddamn thing I've read in this fandom, Pink. (I call you "Pink" in my head, sorry, I realize that is unlikely to be your name, but, hey.) It has EVERYTHING, and onion rings on the side. Beautifully, tautly written, elegantly phrased --

A clutch of smooth river rocks clustered in the curve below the ribs, gathered almost protectively like a nest of petrified dinosaur eggs.-- being one of many, many -- vividly and expertly characterized, acute and shocking and ultimately so very deeply MOVING. Complex and layered and goddamn it I'm running out of adjectives here, but you get the gist ( ... )


big_pink November 26 2006, 20:39:05 UTC
You? Are just fast. That's all there is to it. And generous. And...lovely in every way, shape and form.

Thank you a million times over for all the amazing feedback, which helps as I write, it really does.

Um, not to put too fine a point on it...when are we seeing something from you? Because this Nano-ing business is getting old.


janissa11 November 26 2006, 20:51:53 UTC
I am fast because I have no life. *grin* And also I jump on your updates with truly unseemly haste. So damn EXCELLENT.

Nano kinda faltered on me. Or I faltered on it. Anyway. Currently have some stuff in the pipeline, so maybe in a day or three. Not sure. Next B&S chappie, another baby-Dean piece, etc. We'll see. Thank you!


tenebrio November 26 2006, 02:17:57 UTC
Oh, man, I don't know what to say. I mean, this story brilliant and I love it so, but most of my energy is currently devoted to clutching my blankets and whimpering at the thought of no more. You've definitely cemented your position as one of my favourite SPN authors, with this. ::re-reads whole story::


big_pink November 26 2006, 20:41:25 UTC
Jesus. Tell me about the 'no more' business. What the hell am I going to do? I just about had to talk Lemmypie off her ledge last night. And jmm0001? She just adopted a new cat in her misery.

Thanks, though, for all the amazing comments. Really.


Loved it lorrabe November 26 2006, 02:33:35 UTC
o I totally loved that!!
I can honestly say that you are now officially my No. 1 fav SPN writer- even more so than the show-writers.
I have to give you kudos, for as much as I wanted Tanya back I never anticipated it- so double yeah, one for bringing her back and one for utterly surprising me.
Also I do love the use of old fairy tales, that gets my attention evey time cos they are all so oeasily overlooked its nice to surprise people with them.

Loved the whole thing and eagerly anticipating your next story- yes I am that impatient.

Love n Huggles



Re: Loved it big_pink November 26 2006, 20:43:27 UTC
So glad I was able to blind-side people with Tanya's reappearance. I think I needed a little ray of sunshine to bring it full circle for Dean, especially.

So nice to hear you're impatiently waiting for the next thing. If someone would just tell me what that is, I'd be in much better shape. Cheers and thanks.


lemmypie November 26 2006, 02:40:20 UTC
*wimper* looking around lost. That's it? What now? Oh crap.


big_pink November 26 2006, 20:45:09 UTC
I say we get drunk. Oh, wait, you already did that.

And you should see this amazing article a friend just gave me this afternoon -- the photos of duct-taped planters hands were AMAZING. I love these guys. Not so much that I'd want to go out and, you know, PLANT or anything, but still...


quellefromage November 26 2006, 03:04:00 UTC
What Janissa said, squared. Perfect, wonderful, scary, inventive and so skillfully and beautifully crafted, and damn woman, if you didn't just stick that poor boy back on that damned stake. I really want to read this again, from the beginning, right now, because it's so damned amazing.

btw, Sam scaring the helicopter guys...best thing EVER.

Congratulations. What's next? *vbg*


big_pink November 26 2006, 20:48:35 UTC
*snerk* Sam scaring the helicopter guys was the most fun to write, I think. I have a little bitty thing for AngrySam I think.

Oh, and what's next? *shrugs* No idea. Two ideas fighting for my attention. But first I have to get over my depression that this is over. Lemmypie can tell you that I usually slide into a post-posting funk that is only alleviated by writing something new. Or maybe a few little one-shots before Christmas, start something more substantial after the new year. Don't know! I'm free! Free! What did Janis Joplin say about freedom again?


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