SPN fic: Red 8/10

Nov 12, 2006 10:44

Red, Chapter 8/Between the Ribs

Huff and Puff: Gen, PG-13, loads of sordid, violent, and downright creepy scenes, swearing laid on pretty darn thick, and Sam running around like a chicken seeking revenge for its missing head. Canon characters belong to the canon gods; words and other characters belong to me. Me! You heard that Kripke? WIP, but ( Read more... )

red, supernatural, fanfic

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janissa11 November 12 2006, 15:25:14 UTC
Hmm. I'm thinking something here, lemme see if I can put it into words. It's kinda like -- well, that's not precisely it -- sorta maybe --

Okay. I got it.

I hate you.

That's it in a nutshell, yep. Hate you for so many reasons. Partly because you actually stopped instead of giving me all of this, like something I can fit inside ME. But also because, well, quite frankly, you're so good I'm pretty much all jealousy at this point. It's not a flattering self-portrait, but I'm being all honest and shit, and yeah. This story is so well-crafted, so meticulously detailed, three separate-but-related plots all dovetailing together until we get to the trip-beating heart of it, this perfectly synchronized mashup of 13 and 18 and now.

I never thought of myself as much of an ego critter -- just kinda do my thing, enjoy it when others do theirs, and Puff the Magic Dragon and all that happy sixties stuff. Peace, love, brotherhood. But you -- you make me JEALOUS.

Enh. Which doesn't change the fact that I jumped on this chapter with all the unseemly haste of a horny seventeen-year-old boy with his pretty prom date, of course. Still. This is not a flattering portrait of myself. I love this story and you and I hate this story and you. Because you're so damn good I just sorta want to fling up my hands and storm away and sulk in my bedroom. WIth occasional peeks outside to see when you put up the next chapter.


big_pink November 12 2006, 16:57:13 UTC
Please. Can I hate you a little bit back? Yeah? Because even in your freakin' comments you're writing your ass off AND AT THE SAME TIME DOING NANO. Need I point that out, hm? And, hello? All the totally great things of yours I've read over the last few months -- you have nothing to be jealous of.

So unless you actually creep out of your bedroom to do me physical damage, I'm just going to take all your stunning words as compliments. Because, yeah, my ego's like that.


lemmypie November 12 2006, 23:39:13 UTC
Totally. Best. "MEAN". comments EVER!


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