Oct 22, 2008 09:41

Between Two Worlds

The boys are hunting in the woods..

(It's really good...and it's got hurt!Sam & hurt!Dean.. so go read it!
it's Gen..It's fully completed, 5 chapters long,  -and also, the boys totally survives..)

In other words I'm fine. Trying very hard to stay away from the internet as much as possible as my RL suffers badly when I'm online..(For some reason, if I don't tidy, clean, make supper, feed the dog, go to work, see friends and family, no one does it for me)

Looking forward to this weeks eppy of SPN. I've seen a clip already (spoiler whore much) and I'm so curious!!

I've also discovered NUMB3RS and I adore Charlie.. Funnily enough, I like reading NUMB3RS fics more than I do watching the episodes:-D
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