Aug 15, 2008 22:04

Fargo is a good dog. She hates one thing; cats. (Makes walking in my neighbourgood very hard). She's not scared of many things.. in fact, I can only think of one thing that makes her tuck her tail underneath herself; children.... namly loud children traveling in packs of 3 or more.

Whenever I have the chance, I sit outside with her, waiting for dog-crazy children to walk past and ask to pet my dog. But, I have rules..

1) Stand still
2) If you need to move, do it slowly
3) You don't do the touching first. My dog does.
4) No loud voices!

This evening, I was sitting outside with Pedram, he was eating his dinner if you must know, and me and Fargo was keeping him company. (He had to keep an eye on his taxi as it's illigal to park cars in our street). (Yes, taxidriver in the weekend, mechanic during the week. Now he earns 3 times as much as I do!)

Anyways, we heard some children running and laughing towards us, Fargo started barking like crazy (she only does this when there's children around). And the children got scared (as they usually does) I apologized (cos I'm nice) and told them she's afraid of children (bad puppy experiences and stuff) and the kids (two girls and two boys age between 10-13) let us know it was oki, and then they just..hung around for over 1hr.. talking about their own dogs/cats and stuff. It was very nice! (Pedram got a call (taxi duty) and left us after 20mins or so.)

Fargo spent the first few minutes very afraid of the children, but soon, she calmed down. After 30 mins she had given them all a good lick in the face and everything was fine. Tail was wagging and held high..

Turned out, the little group of children were brothers and sisters to-be. The father of the two brothers were visiting the mother of the two girls..

I told them it was good to see they were getting on so well. Warmed my heart a bit actually. They really came accross as a group of really good friends -even though they hardly knew each other.

Fargo had a good time too. Getting attention from so many:-)

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