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Apr 04, 2010 21:25

So...I really only use this thing for communities, but since I've noticed a severe dearth of Deadwood gifs on the internet, I decided to make some. Lots of Silas gifs mainly since I can repurpose them for the Lost fandom.

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khaman April 5 2010, 02:18:08 UTC

I'm so excited; we need to watch 'Primer' and then we're starting on S2 for Deadwood. Yaaay!


beesknees7 April 5 2010, 02:25:53 UTC
S2 is fucking awesome. The premiere is where you see Silas ramming that dude onto those antlers. I tried not to do anything too spoilery. That last one is from S3, though.

...I have no idea how to make these smaller unless I shrink them frame by frame and I'm not that dedicated. They look huge, but only a couple are really large in mb-size.


lostsailors April 5 2010, 02:24:09 UTC
That Laramie Project movie has everyone in it. Michael Emerson is in it as well, isn't he?

I also look forward to the day I understand these Deadwood gifs.


beesknees7 April 5 2010, 02:27:43 UTC
Yes, he's a dickhead preacher. I d/l that one and it's fairly small file for a movie but awesome quality, let me know if you (or anyone) wants an upload.

Me too, then we can all discuss! The gifs make the show look fucking awesome, though, right?

One more gif post to go. Still editing.


lostsailors April 5 2010, 02:41:05 UTC
Hahaha yes!

I can resize those gifs for you if you like I believe too, if you think they are too huge.


beesknees7 April 5 2010, 02:47:24 UTC
Ooh, thanks. Maybe the antlers or spit ones since those are massive? The way I redid the former looks a little goofy to my eyes.


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