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Feb 22, 2012 20:53

Icons For Use

Just please comment and credit
so i know who's using what.


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ch: illyria, ch: giles, ch: oz, artwork: icons, ch: xander, ch: buffy, ch: faith, ch: angel, ch: spike, icons: btvs

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ares132006 February 23 2012, 05:20:30 UTC
You are so talented.

I love the B/A one, the Old one, and Giles. Can I have these please?

I like them all, in fact but don't have any more room for icons. I may have to cull.

Thanks sweetie. You will be credited.



ashes1753 February 25 2012, 09:28:50 UTC
Haha, i know exactly what you mean! I have no room either *pouts* and i make them! Ugh! LOL

Of course! I make them so they can be used!


leni_ba February 23 2012, 17:50:02 UTC
Spike icon at the bottom is *so* good.


ashes1753 February 25 2012, 09:30:19 UTC
I think it's my fav of this section, LOL. It's just so...dynamic. LOL and i don't know about that, but i have that ENTIRE scene in my head when i see that one. LOL :P


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