Apr 26, 2021 23:35

so in last season's NCIS: NOLA, they were setting up for the return of a bad guy from a previous season. then COVID hit & they season was cut a bit short (by 2-3 episodes, i think).

this season, while dealing with the usual plot-lines, also had COVID-related stuff & i didn't think that particular development would come up. well, in the most recent new episode from a few weeks back it did. along with a huge new development. but this episode ended with a "to be continued" & the final episode of the series is going to be may 23, so i don't know if they're having more beyond this second part or the rug got pulled out from under them before they could craft a proper ending for the series.

ETA: just went looking & there will be 4 episodes starting on may 2. still don't know if they will get a series ending episode or it's just a "we thought we'd get another season" one.

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