youtube tv is rasing rates

Jul 01, 2020 04:07

the price is going up from about $52 to about $64 on july 29. the "good" news is we get 8 channels (none of which i really care about).

switching to another service is out of the question. most don't have local stations (can't get squat with an antenna here) no one has the DVR capacity youtube tv has.

it's viacom's fault. they want more money for ( Read more... )

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nialla42 July 1 2020, 15:25:50 UTC
I'd never really looked into the cost for YouTube TV, since streaming isn't much of an option in my case (if you're streaming, there's not enough bandwidth for anything else). I see lots of sports channels in the "cable" networks, and those alone are $$$. We have Dish, and my mother likes Fox Sports Southwest to watch the Texas Rangers, but they're in a price dispute with Dish, so we haven't had it in over a year.

I've been seeing a new service recently, Orby TV, which has their most popular package at $40, and it includes local channels. The hitch is they install an antenna for you in addition to a dish, which if you can't get anything there, won't help. Might be worth checking into though, they might be able to install a better antenna and boosters to get the signal. Does mention they have DVRs too.


davesmusictank July 1 2020, 16:08:55 UTC
I would even bother with YouTube TV.


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