An Open Letter to My Favourite Customers.

Jun 23, 2011 00:38

A work inspired Open Letter, that you should probably not read if you are at all sensitive to words that end in ..uck.
Dear Strange Unfriendly Couple Who Are Obviously Very Angry At The World, )

fml? fyl!

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griphynne916 June 22 2011, 16:52:09 UTC
You've just captured the dreams of Retail-Workers-R-Us!

I will ask you what each individual piece of fruit is, then ask you how you spell it, so I can find it on the computer, then get all flustered and accidentally put your tomatoes down as watermelon.



abelina June 22 2011, 17:32:11 UTC
I never worked in retail, but rather in retail's ugly cousin, Fast Food, where people have a similar opinion of you. You are simultaneously a blithering idiot, but also expected to be absolutely perfectly perfect in every way or else they will get angry and mutter about how stupid you are.

These kinds of people really get under the skin like nothing else, don't they? But remember this: they are miserable, unhappy people pretty much all the time, and I think that's a horrible way to go through life. I'd much rather be happy, so really, you come out ahead in the scenario.

You did say it, but more people will appreciate your friendliness and positive energy than will be repulsed by it.

Plus -- if the guy who called them arseholes really was a man of the cloth? That's fantastic.


(The comment has been removed)

anviloverheaven June 30 2011, 08:34:56 UTC
an apology would have been nice

Of course it would. But you do realise had one been forthcoming, the entire universe would have collapsed into itself :)


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