Moving in slow motion

Mar 29, 2013 10:56

I am putting around rather than getting this thing finished & driving toward shipping. As you know, Bob, it's ship or die. Shipping is preferable to death. So how do I effing ship this thing?

I need to make some front-end decisions. I have been dithering about how to do the browser-side interactivity. I need to pick something and go. And I need ( Read more... )

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the_emu March 30 2013, 08:11:13 UTC
I find it fascinating, in and of itself, how much interest I take in your posts which are about technical things I have no invested interest in.

It's just enough knowledge to satisfy my brain. And to make me a little bit want to write characters with such hobbies so I can use you to throw in details.

On another subject entirely, I'll be in the area around 22nd-26th April. Nothing specific has been organised, but that's the generalised time of Emu.



antennapedia March 30 2013, 23:13:03 UTC
April 22-26, check! Is now in my calendar.

I've just been reading about thunks and trampolines (warning: words might not mean what you think). Fun, yeah? I also love reading jargon for hobbies or fields I know little about. Pick up a surfing magazine and read the gear reviews and just soak in how incomprehensible they are! Or this review of climbing shoes, which rates them on "edging, cracks, comfort, pockets, and sensitivity." Whatever that means!


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