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May 11, 2010 13:58

This unfunny business writeup about awful behavior from a single BNF in SPN fandom has sort of exploded all over the place in fandom this week. If you haven't read it yet, as some of my flistians might not have, you might want to just so you have the context of the conversation. For further reading about the rape culture issue, I recommend "A Read more... )

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antennapedia May 11 2010, 21:42:49 UTC
How *can* it be? Seriously, how can it? So many people who are strangers to each other, really, coming together to discuss a shared source of entertainment. We think we know each other; sometimes we meet each other and *do* get to know each other. (Some peeps on my LJ flist are now RL friends.) But mostly we really don't. You get a tiny slice of me, a controlled presentation of one of several public personas. How can you know who I am?

We both like to read Character A having adventures with Character B. Is that a guarantee that we'll share any core values at all?

The loudest voices of meta-fandom have a particular set of politics and values that are not actually the values of the people who are the majority of fandom. The majority of fandom is going to have the values of the cultures it comes from. Welcome to the United States of the 21st century, where we put rape victims on trial and lie to ourselves about our racism. Let's not be surprised by this. Let's not expect fannish utopia when we go to these cons and meet 500 of our bestest friends face to face for the first time.


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antennapedia May 12 2010, 05:05:05 UTC


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