Behold the Problems of the Battler!

Nov 10, 2011 13:02

With apparently no tongue in cheek, this woman is complaining to the media about how she will be $700 a year worse off with a Carbon Tax.

She is a stay at home mother, with a husband who earns "more than $150,000 a year", or as she says, "slightly more". Slightly more than what? The average wage? The average wage in Australia is about $67,000 a year. So I'd say he earns slightly more than "slightly more". Maybe it's "slightly more" than the median wage? That's about $55,000. So this woman's husband earns almost 3 times that amount - not exactly "slightly more".

And what will the carbon tax cost them? About $13.50 a week. Tragic.

But you know what? It's a rough life out there for people like this poor woman, and we should all hang our heads in shame that we have allowed these people to fall through the cracks of society. I'd like to take up a canned food drive for her or something. Come on, who's with me?
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