[Fic] Drench - EXO

Sep 18, 2012 02:40

Title: Drench
Pairings: Kai/D.O.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1510

NOTE: this is part two of a three part collab with adorableprince and korilin.
please read part one first, written by demi. part three, bing's fanart, can be found here, and should be viewed while reading hurrhurr.

In retrospect, perhaps shoving Kyungsoo into the shower with his clothes on wasn't the best idea. But the sounds Kyungsoo makes with Jongin's long fingers tangled in his hair do nothing but go straight to his dick. Jongin pulls back from kissing him long enough to take a long look at the glistening curve of his collarbones swooping down into the neck line of his polo and the flutter of his lashes like wet feathers.

"Jongin-" Kyungsoo's breathy gasps fall muffled in the deafening rush of water. Jongin cants his hips just so and is rewarded with a high-pitched whine. Kyungsoo's finger dig painfully into his shoulders. "Jongin, I-"

Jongin's back burns from where the shower stream hits him. He dips his head to suck Kyungsoo's lower lip into his mouth to shut him up. The older boy makes an appreciative noise and tightens his arms around his shoulders. Jongin's cock throbs painfully against Kyungsoo's thigh, wet denim rough yet welcome.

"Fuck," he breathes as Kyungsoo shifts uneasily. "We need to get rid of these jeans."

"Don't you dare rip them Kim Jongin-" Kyungsoo begins to say and promptly gets water in his mouth. He splutters and it gets into Jongin's eyes.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't spit water in my face," Jongin says, pushing Kyungsoo's jeans down his boyfriend's hips. "It's not sexy."

But Kyungsoo's protests, indignant and embarrassed, that trail off into a moan when Jongin brushes his hand across his crotch-that's sexy. It's so sexy that Jongin doesn't even bother with Kyungsoo's jeans and works his hand promptly into his underwear.

The first whine out of Kyungsoo's mouth has Jongin slipping his fingers up his boyfriend's shirt, rubbing his thumb insistently across the slit of his cock, and it's all he can do to stop himself from grinding himself shamelessly to release on the denim-covered thigh against his own.

"Jongin-" Kyungsoo moans, high and pitched in the back of his throat, and his hips snap forward into the friction of Jongin's palm. "Jongin-"

Water is streaming down Kyungsoo's checks, and Jongin can't tell if its from the shower or if Kyungsoo is tearing up. "Hyung," he murmurs, pressing their foreheads together, and likes the way Kyungsoo flushes pink across his nose bridge. "Do you want to move it to our room?"

Kyungsoo's eyes flutter shut and he lets out a shaky breath. "No," he mumbles. He reaches down with a small hand to stroke Jongin tentatively, and Jongin lets out a hiss.

"Hyung," Jongin says, and is surprised at the catch in his voice. Kyungsoo's eyebrows are drawn together in cute frustration, his hand sliding firmly over the crown of his cock. Jongin watches Kyungsoo's cheeks turn progressively redder until finally, he snaps and pushes Kyungsoo down, down the wall, ignoring the squeaks of "Jongin?!" and pulls Kyungsoo's jeans and underwear off in one go.

Kyungsoo is all shaking limbs and gasps as Jongin's mouth takes him all the way down, crying out when he feels cold, slick fingers brush against his entrance before pushing in.

Jongin relishes the sounds pouring from Kyungsoo's mouth, tongue pressed flat to the underside of his cock and fingers working deep inside to stretch him. Jongin doesn't have words to describe it-the wet heat around his knuckles, the ache of his own cock, the building want at the base of his spine. He pulls back from Kyungsoo's crotch, ignoring his unhappy groan, and replaces his lubed fingers with his cock.

Kyungsoo shivers as Jongin pushes his way inside, mouth an red slick of saliva against Jongin's shoulder, and scrabbles desperately at his back. It takes up all of Jongin's self-control to stop, thinking if he had hurt him, but then Kyungsoo moans low and filthy and "Please, Jongin, just-" and that's all he needs to hear.

Jongin is a perfectionist and he's always known it. He pushes himself so hard to be perfect, tries so much to not waste anyone's time. But here, with his body water-slick against Kyungsoo and his fingertips pressing bruises into Kyungsoo's shoulders, against the rise of his cheekbone, his temple, Jongin doesn't have anyone to impress. This is between the two of them, wildly-beating hearts and broken syllables stifled against wrists and skin, messy and sloppy in ways Jongin has never allowed himself to be. This, this doesn't need perfection. This just needs participation.

Jongin stands up and drags Kyungsoo with him, and presses him flush against the shower wall and fucks him in slow, heart-pounding thrusts, the sharp keening of his boyfriend setting every one of his nerves alight. His hand snakes up Kyungsoo's shirt to flick at his nipples, and Kyungsoo gasps into his mouth, stiffening, and Jongin knows he's close. He wraps his hand around Kyungsoo's neglected cock and tugs once, twice, before the older boy stifles a cry into Jongin's shoulder and comes white hot into his palm. Jongin drives his hips forward insistently, riding out Kyungsoo's high until he too loses it in a shuddering rush.

As they stand like that, Kyungsoo pressed tight in between the wall and Jongin's chest, the water runs cold over their heads and mixes with their sweat. After a minute of letting their breathing get back to normal, Kyungsoo finally sighs against Jongin's neck. "You ruined my shirt. This is cold wash only."

Jongin chuckles and presses a kiss to his temple. "I'll buy you five more shirts, hyung," he says, and cups Kyungsoo's chin. "Don't worry."

Kyungsoo makes a face and bats him away. "Your hand is still sticky. Where did you even get lube in here?"

"Oh," Jongin looks over his shoulder at the small shelf built into the wall. "I found it… there… oh." The weight of this realization suddenly set ins and Jongin snickers. "Wait, who do you think-?"

"I… didn't realize that Baekhyun and Chanyeol regularly had sex in the shower," Kyungsoo mumbles, cheeks aflame.

Jongin lets out a bark of laughter, and steps out to grab a fresh towel. "That's because Baekhyun is much quieter than you are, hyung," Jongin says placatingly as he pats Kyungsoo dry.

Kyungsoo scowls, pushing past him, and tries without much success to pull his jeans back on. "You're insufferable."

"And you love me for it."

Kyungsoo is about to fire back a snarky comment when someone raps loud and purposeful on the bathroom door.

"Er," comes Joonmyun's voice, straightforward and completely unapologetic, "if you two are, um, finished in there, manager hyung has stuff to tell us so…." Joonmyun trails off into an awkward silence before another, rowdier voice joins in: "Yah, Kim Jongin, we could all hear you fucking, and you owe me new lube!"

Jongin finds himself laughing at the combination of Kyungsoo's mortified face and Chanyeol's demanding outburst. "Sorry, hyung, I'll buy you some more," he calls out, unable to keep the snicker out of his voice.

"Oh my god," Kyungsoo moans, pulling on his boxer-briefs. "I can never face them again."

Jongin nudges him in the back and wraps a towel around his waist. "It's okay, hyung. At least you're clean."

As they both make their way back to their room, Jongin leans down to whisper in Kyungsoo's ear, "You should really walk in on me more often, hyung."

"Please don't," comes a pained voice to their left, and they turn to see Sehun staring at them, exasperated.

Kyungsoo flushes pink and scurries into their room down the hall. Jongin, after flipping Sehun off playfully, runs and joins him.

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exo: kai/d.o., !fic, #rating: nc-17, *fandom: exo

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