Feeling Space-y, Science-y.

Feb 16, 2013 12:43

Space absolutely fascinates me. I love reading of new discoveries found on what our universe consists of. Enjoy hearing about the different theories and beliefs of the intergalactic happenings. The reports and footage of the recent Russian meteor strike has riveted me. Just to think, we as humans have zero control of our future existence as a species. Any day our world can be shaken from a simple impact from an asteroid the width of a basketball. The size shouldn't deter you of the impact that this could do to this beautiful planet. An object descending into Earth's atmosphere traveling at speeds up to 33,000 miles per hour could do cataclysmic damage to our world. We as Earthly beings are nothing but small pieces in this vast space. Crazy to think about.

Just think of just how small we are in the grand scheme of things;
We are a single person within our home
Within a neighborhood
Within a city
Within a county
Within a state
Within a country
Within a continent
Within Earth.
Spinning around our own solar system
Around our Galaxy
Spinning along with billions of other galaxies around this huge universe
Around who knows what.

It's just weird to think about.

*I have deep thoughts, ya'll. 
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