TVD 4x12

Feb 01, 2013 04:06

I have the worst (and longest!) day tomorrow, so let's get some initial reactions out before I go back to being an adult and, idk, go to sleep or sth.

- ALL THE BONNIE FEELINGS. All of them. That scene in which she has to stop Jeremy from killing Abby? Might be my favorite Bonnie scene ever.

- ALL THE ELENA FEELINGS. When Elena Gilbert plans a murder, someone ends up dead. Haters to the left.

- ALL THE DAMON FEELINGS. There were some excellent lines in that cellar scene.

- ALL THE STEFAN/REBEKAH FEELINGS. Two homicidal immortals consciously pretending to be high school humans. I'm on board.

- ALL THE JEREMY FEELINGS. Minus the Hulk-like fireplace moment, everything was free of flaw. Have I mention the Abby and stake moment? Because that scene might've been a better Bonnie/Jeremy scene than her stopping his heart last season. #come at me

- ALL THE EVERYONE FEELINGS now that I think about it. The plot is good, and the lines are good (MARY SUE VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!). We even got a scene in which Matt goes through Rebekah's underwear. I have seen everything now.

- Deep thoughts will eventually be had. Now I'm too busy thinking about how is Damon supposed to clean his house if Bonnie's dad keeps putting vervain in the water.

- Or, you know. Shower.

- Now that I think about it, this could be Damon's motivation to take the cure.

fandom: the vampire diaries

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