TVD 4x09

Dec 14, 2012 08:58

I actually enjoyed this episode very much? Hmmm. I took a nap after watching the ep, and I remember thinking "OMG so many plot holes!" before I fell asleep, but now I can't remember a single one, so hush, let's ignore them ;).

I like the D/E much more than I thought I would. The awkwardness of the first scene was awesome, and the way Damon "got rid" of the bond was kinda awesome. He waited. Waited until he was sure that Jeremy didn't hate her anymore, removed himself and watch her be happy with Bonnie and her brother. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it wasn't planned, he sent her away spontaneously. But what triggered it was seeing her not alone. He didn't say "forget me". He didn't say "you don't love me". He didn't say "you'll never see me again". He said: "I'll take care of your brother"

I really enjoyed the Jeremy stuff and the Tyler stuff. Surprisingly, also the Stefan stuff (up until he threw a fit, because LOOOOOOOL). The plot generally was engaging, and even the writing for Caroline got better!

Carol Lockwood, I will miss you :(.

fandom: the vampire diaries

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