Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Damon/Elena, Katherine)

Dec 03, 2012 05:00

Title: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 500
Prompt: Damon/Elena, she likes the way he looks at her now, for December Meme of Doom
For: magisterequitum
Spoilers: 4x05
Summary: Elena spends a lot of time thinking about Katherine.
A/N: Happy December! :D

Great thanks for ever-neutral for beta-reading.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall )

december meme of doom, fanfiction: the vampire diaries

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kwritten December 3 2012, 05:15:58 UTC
Well this is just ... lovely.

She expects her name to fall out of Stefan's lips every time he comes

((Also - my heart broke just a little, but StElena Elena just does that to me.))

every time she stares at the reflection of blood drying around her mouth
Someone complained to Julie Plec about Elena being a "messy eater" ... good gods I hope that NEVER goes away. Elena/blood for the win.

he must be doing it since this is what she's doing
Mirror, mirror indeed.

She's never more herself than when she suspects there's nothing more to her than a mirror.
*clutches chest*

My poor, broken heart.

“Do I?” he asks.
Killed me dead.

I hate you and all that you stand for.


upupa_epops December 3 2012, 13:56:39 UTC
((Also - my heart broke just a little, but StElena Elena just does that to me.))

I have this need to poke S/E with a stick right now. I mean it in a good way -- the writing they got in s4 gives SO MUCH interesting material! I mean, we even came close to acknowledging Stefan's Katherine-related issues in his r/ship with Elena.

good gods I hope that NEVER goes away. Elena/blood for the win

I KNOW RIGHT? She should be a messy eater all the time!

I hate you and all that you stand for.

I regret nothing.

Thank you for reading and commenting <3333


kwritten December 3 2012, 15:23:45 UTC
Of course, my dove!!! <3333


(The comment has been removed)

upupa_epops December 3 2012, 13:57:30 UTC
Why thank you kind sir ;).


lynnenne December 3 2012, 15:15:58 UTC
Oh, BRILLIANT. Perfect turnaround of her question. Mirror mirror, indeed!

Her smile is not quite Katherine enough, not yet, but she's working on it in her spare time.

This is creepy genius.


upupa_epops December 3 2012, 19:09:33 UTC
Thank you! I might be slightly obsessed with this: Damon's spend most of his life trying to make himself in the image of Katherine, Elena actually IS an image of Katherine... It's a pity they don't talk about her that much on the show.


scorpiod1 December 3 2012, 17:16:39 UTC
Oh christ this is perfect

“Do I look like Katherine?” she asks honestly.

She loves that Damon doesn't answer right away. He actually takes a minute to consider, turns her around, cups her cheek and looks her right in the eye, almost touches her veins with his fingertips. Finally he lets his own fangs show, something Elena hasn't seen for quite a while. He never has them out long enough for her to take a good look, and now she catches herself staring, weirdly fascinated by Damon's bloodshot eyes and empty expression.

“Do I?” he asks.

Actually perfect and spot on and amazing omg and sorry I am not more detailed or coherent but I loved this a lot.


upupa_epops December 3 2012, 19:10:23 UTC
Thank you <3333. Don't worry, I appreciate your lack of coherency ;).


angearia December 3 2012, 19:53:28 UTC
Wow, loved this. The ending was incredible. But really, the entirety of it. Mirrors are my favorite and this was a wonderful way of exploring that question that nobody ever seems to express outloud (besides Damon) but they must be thinking it. It's haunting them. That's the word for this fic: haunting.


upupa_epops December 4 2012, 07:21:57 UTC
Hmmm, I didn't think about this in terms of "haunting" but you're right, Katherine is someone constantly in the back of their heads.

Thank you!


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