Elena Gilbert and fanfiction

May 23, 2012 23:03

I'm in the middle of finals right now, so I'm trying very hard NOT to do anything particularly time-consuming in fandom (you can't imagine how many fic and meta ideas I have when I look at my vocabulary handouts...), but I had this awesome discussion with youcallitwinter about how Elena is depicted in fanfiction, and now I have loads and loads of questions!

So... do you notice any popular themes when you read Elena fanfiction (yes, Elena in ships absolutely counts)? Do you have favorite themes? Are there any themes that annoy you? How about when you write? How do you want to depict Elena? Do you notice any recurring themes in your own writing? Are there any canon things that you're trying to "fix"? Are you comfortable with Elena's POV? Talk to me!

(I'll be back and reply to ALL THE THINGS tomorrow... Right now, I'm studying and lurking.)

fandom: the vampire diaries, tvd fandom is the worst, elena gilbert is amazing

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