Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon

Apr 22, 2012 20:21

Oh, let's be serious. I won't get my brain back after the last TVD episode no matter what I do, so I can as well enjoy. Besides, I need Elena fanfiction in my life, and spontaneous ficathons are best ficathons. So let's have it!

in celebration of the Morally Dubious Princess


1. Anything involving Elena Gilbert is fair game. Any rating, any ship, friendship, no ship. Whatever you see fit.
2. Prompt as much as you wish, but make a separate comment for reach prompt.
3. When you fill a prompt, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt).
4. There will be spoilers for all aired episodes.
5. Feedback is much appreciated.
6. Have fun!

Feel free to promote!

An Elena Gilbert comment!ficathon
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Also, if someone wants to help my lack of photoshop skills and make me a real banner, I will love them forever.

elena gilbert comment!ficathon, fandom: the vampire diaries, elena gilbert is amazing

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