Let's have a Buffy party!

Dec 15, 2011 21:33

So. youcallitwinter is watching Buffy, and suddenly half of my flist is getting sentimental and rewatching random episodes. I say - let's throw a party!

In comments, give me up to five episodes. But! I want a special kind of episodes. Tell me about the episodes you wanted to rewatch, but never really did it, for various reasons. The episodes you don't remember very well, but you are sure you loved them. The episodes you'd like to rewatch, because you think that now you'd look at them differently. In short: give me Buffy episodes that are not rewatched often enough. I'll make a list, and somewhere around Christmas Eve/Christmas Day I'll post short reviews of the five episodes chosen most often, and set up a discussion post. Let's say I'm waiting for votes until Dec 20th, because I need time to actually do the rewatch ;).

So, who wants to play?


And a random request. I still have some free spots on my Big Damn 2012 Writing Project, so if anyone would like to prompt a fic, you are more than welcome. Even if you already prompted one.

fandom: buffyverse

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