Damon makes all the gifspams

Nov 15, 2011 01:29

Ok, first things first. I promied dante-kent a speculation post. During THIS discussion we've already established that Damon and Stefan totally have ljs, but there are still so many questions!

1. Damon makes all the gifspams, but how about, you know, actual words? What does he write about? Which tags is he proud of? I mean, there are some obvious ones, like "i hate werewolves", or "i threw things into fireplace again", or "don't get blood on the couch", but how about other ones? How does he describe his icons?

2. What kind of icons does he make? Does he share? Does he have 5o icons of himself?

3. Does Damon make fanvids?

4. Because Stefan definitely writes fanfic.

5. But he flocks all his stories, because Damon would laugh his ass of if he read them.

6. Damon's read them all anyway.

7. And he might've cried a little when he was reading the one about Spike and Buffy doing the laundry together.

8. Of course then he made a Stefan Forehead Brooding gifspam, so no one can even blame Stefan for trying to flock EVERYTHING.

9. Damon doesn't flock things, because he is an attention seeker. But does Alaric read Damon's journal? How about Elena? Is Jeremy an ultimate lurker?

10. eowyn-315 is our Damon, so whatever she says in this post, we're gonna accept as unquestionable truth, and then we'll all bow to her gifspams.

11. Who is our Stefan? Does Stefan write porn? Does he have it all neatly organized? Who made Stefan's Friends Only banner? Does Stefan flail? If not, then is making Stefan flail again Klaus's secret agenda?

12. Do the Originals have liveournals? If so, did Stefan steal their passwords along with their coffins? Or maybe Elijah ljs from his coffin? Did Klaus make a FML post after Stefan stole the coffins? There is no way he could've invited so many hybrids to Tyler's party without pimping the news all over his flist, but does it mean that he's also made the post-party picspam?

I could keep asking questions for a long time, but I have this weird feeling that I should stop now...

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