Damon Top Ten Drama Queen Moments

Nov 13, 2011 04:15

goldy-dollar put me up to this. I regret nothing.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers and Damon's facial expressions.

Damon Top Ten Drama Queen Moments
(in no particular order)

1. Damon/Fireplace OTP

Damon probably has a separate set of glasses that serve the sole purpose of being thrown into the fireplace. And if he doesn't, he totally should. Throwing alcohol into the fireplace is one of the best ways to deal with stress. It is known.

2. Wrong boy toy!

Katherine: Mason. You should have been here an hour ago.
Damon: Wrong boy toy!
Katherine: Damon. For once you've surprised me. I assume Mason's with you.
Damon: He's right beside me. Although his heart's across the room.
Katherine: You shouldn't have.
Damon: I've had a very busy day today. Killed a werewolf, found a moonstone. Hey, did you know that he hid the moonstone in a bottom of a well full of vervain? Guess he didn't
trust you very much. He did love you. Poor guy. Hey, where are you, 'cause, you know, I could bring him over. Last good-byes and all that.
Katherine: You have no idea what you've just done.
Damon: Aww, did I put a kink in your master plan? I'm so sorry.
Katherine: Do you honestly believe That I don't have a plan B?

Because when you destroy your enemy's Diabolical Plan, calling them and GLOATING about it is totally the mature thing to do. It's not at all about having a Great Dramatic Triumph Scene. No, sir!

BONUS: Judgy Stefan

3. Existential crisis

Jessica: What happened?
Damon: I'm...Lost.
Jessica: And you're laying in the middle of the road?
Damon: Not that kind of lost. Metaphorically. Existentially.
Jessica: Do you need help?
Damon: Well... Yes, I do. Can you help me?
Jessica: You're drunk.
Damon: No. Uh, well, yes, a little maybe. No, please don't leave. I really do need help.
Jessica: Don't move. I don't want any trouble.
Damon: Neither do I. But it's all I got is trouble.
Jessica: Why can't I move?
Damon: What's your name?
Jessica: Jessica.
Damon: Hi, Jessica. I have a secret. I have a big one. But I never said it out loud. I mean, what's the point? It's not going to change anything. To make me good. Make me adopt a puppy. I can't be what other people want me to be. What she wants me to be. This is who I am, Jessica.
Jessica: Are you going to hurt me?
Damon: I'm not sure. Because you... You're my existential crisis. Do I kill you? Do I not kill you?
Jessica: Please don't.
Damon: But I have to, Jessica. Because I'm not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world! That's my secret. But there's only so much hurt a man can take.
Jessica: Please don't.

THIS. I don't even know how to comment. Getting drunk, sitting in the middle of a road, delivering an Epic Speech to a random girl, and then killing her. You just don't get more melodramatic. And Damon should know. He tried.

(Also, chapeux bas for Damon. When I'm drunk, I can't say the word Existentially without adding or losing a vowel)

4. Clean Freak

Damon: Well, try harder. We need him to kill Klaus so I can de-rippefy Stefan before he destroys my house.
Katherine: Fine. I'll give it another shot.

And, of course, a classic:

Damon: Hey, the two brunettes on the staircase owe me a Persian rug.

Because this is his biggest problem right now. Yep. Obviously.

5. Shot by Logan Fell

Stefan: What happened? you ok?
Damon: No. I'm not ok. I was ambushed. I was shot. Now i'm vengeful. Just gotta find him.

Ok, getting shot earns a guy a little drama, but the way he's taking off his shirt is just a show itself. He is ANGRY. In case you didn't notice. ANGRY. And vengeful.

6. Right away, Miss Katherine

Katherine: We're missing the party. I'll have one of those.
Damon: Right away, miss Katherine.

And again, totally The Mature Thing To Do. Let's get easily provoked and stake Katherine, consequences be damned! If it's poetic, it's a valid lifestyle choice. Also: he's so over her. Every fibre of his being says how much he's over her. Totally.

7. It's ok to be twelve!

Damon: It's a full moon tonight, Elena.
Elena: Then we'll find him before then. Damon, please.
Damon: Ok. Ok. But we are out of here before the moon is full and I'm werewolf bait.
Elena: I promise.
Damon: Unless you wanna relive that whole deathbed kissy thing.
Elena: I said I promise.
Damon: Fine.

When you are confused and embarassed, because a girl of your dreams kissed you when you were on your deathbed, and then you blew the whole dying thing, deal with your emotions by following the girl to the Smoky Mountains and pushing her into a stream! You've been a grown-up for over 150 years, so you can tell that it does get boring. When pushing her into a stream gets boring too, you can always pull her hair and draw a penis in her history book.

Bonus if you do all that when Evil Masterminds are after you.

8. Sweet, innocent Damon

True Love is absolute, so Damon just kisses the girl whose mouth is covered in blood, and it's all about making a romantic gesture. The girl he loves by definition cannot do anything apalling, so if he feels disgusted, then there is something wrong with him. Of course this attitude lead him to his doom, but at least he made it into such a beautifully staged tragedy!

9. Our bond is unbreakable!

Damon: We got a crazy ex on the loose. Better watch out, looks like Katherine's trying to steal your guy.
Stefan: That's not what's happening.
Damon: Isn't it? I mean, it's only fair since I went after your girl.
Elena: I'm gonna check on Jenna and Jeremy. Let me know when you guys are done.
Damon: So what's it gonna be, huh? Fight to the death? Go ahead, make your threats, stake your claim.
Stefan: I'm not going to fight you.
Damon: Why? I'd fight me!
Stefan: Katherine is going to try to play us against each other. You do know that, right?
Damon: Brother, don't you worry! Our bond is unbreakable!
Stefan: We need to stay united against her! So yes, as much as I would like to kill you, I'm not gonna fight you.
Damon: I kissed Elena.
Stefan: Because you feel something for her! Because you actually care. And I'm not gonna let Katherine come in here and destroy that part of you that is finally, after all this time, willing to feel something. She'll try to break you. She'll try to break us. And how we respond to that will define us. It's our choice. So no, I'm not gonna fight you.

Saying dramatic things is way better than actually solving conflicts. And with all the gestures! This is one of the few moments when Damon lets his Drama Show become Self-Mocking Drama Show on purpose.

10. I can't be selfish with you

Damon: I just have to say something.
Elena: Why do you have to say it with my necklace?
Damon: Well... Because what I'm about to say is... Probably the most selfish thing I've ever said in my life.
Elena: Damon, don't go there.
Damon: No. I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you... Why you can't know this. I don't deserve you... But my brother does. God, I wish you didn't have to forget this. But you do.

This is one of the most dramatic Damon moments, because, seriously, the very need to just GO TO THE GIRL and have the EPIC ROMANTIC LOVE SPEECH is drama!queen!Damon to the core. And then he says things like I can't be selfish with you while doing something awfully selfish, and he is aware of it, but he still needs the performance to happen.

How about other Drama Queen moments? I'm sure you have some more, especially since I tried not to be very cruel ;).

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