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Oct 22, 2020 23:22

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Feel free to friend me if you think you can find something interesting on my lj; I'll probably friend you back if I know you from somewhere / have something in common with you. I enjoy a good discussion, so don't be afraid to comment, I don't bite. If you're friending me, please, drop me a comment here, so that I can say "hello" properly :).

Some of my fandom-related entries are flocked, although I try to make it a habit to unlock meta a few days/weeks after posting (I feel more comfortable discussing new ideas in a smaller group first). Most fics are open. I write both in Polish and in English, but lately I've been trying to keep most of my The Vampire Diaries posts in English. The rest, I'm afraid, is random.

All fanfiction in English is crossposted to i-wrote-a-thing.

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