Master List of Sherlock Holmes Fanfiction [ACD canon]

Aug 20, 2021 14:46

Holmes/Watson fics:

Weeds, PG
What custom allows. Warning: character death, reference to self harm.

To a Doctor's Wife, PG
Watson writes a letter, because people talk. Asexual Holmes/married Watson. Warning: character death. Also available as a podfic, read by luzula

Benefits of the Turkish Bath, R
Summary: three drabbles linked by a common theme. Also available as a podfic, read by yours truly.

Calling Shapes and Beckoning Shadows, PG-13
Summary: Watson sees a vision of his dead brother at Halloween. Holmes investigates, because there is no such thing as a ghost. From a prompt by lemonflav-lopfe Podfic by evil_whimsey here

The Tailor of Grey Eagle Street,R
Summary: Holmes buys a new waistcoat and a mystery to go with it. Watson surprises himself.

Every Possible Combination of Events, NC-17
Summary: Chance is not an over-used device in fiction. Or in real life.

At Longhall Drift, R
Summary: Our heroes take a train journey in midwinter, meet a legend (perhaps) and complete a more personal journey.

Exemplar PG
Summary: 'Being a rejected draft of part of chapter 2, “Observation: Persons and their Affect”, part of the unfinished magnum opus “The Whole Science of Detection”, discovered amongst the papers of the late Sherlock Holmes'. Watson observed. Written to a prompt by amymccabe on watsons_woes

Two Days, NC-17
Sherlock Holmes is arrested before he has the chance to commit that particular crime. He has thought about it, though. Wonderful artwork for this by numberthescars: here and podfic by cellar_door_lj at holmestice

Miss Fatima's School of the Orient, R
In which things are not as they seem. Also available as a podfic, read by me again.

Found, Pt 1 Pt 2, NC 17
Sequel to Miss Fatima's School of the Orient. It is 1914, and as the world Holmes and Watson knew is about to be lost, some things are about to be found.

Frail Memorial, PG
Sequel to "To a Doctor's Wife". Sad. Character death and aftermath of same. Watson learns to hold on, and tells one last story about Sherlock Holmes.

The Mirror of Myself At Ao3. NC17
Who is the young client with the eerily familiar face? Why does the person he represents not want to come to Baker Street? Can Holmes solve a twenty-year-old mystery? How is Dr John “3 Continents” Watson coping with a life of celibacy these days?

The Primorsky Stairs, G
1888. Sherlock Holmes is not a man fooled by appearances. Nor does he miss John Watson. For albalark

A Candid Interview with John H Watson, M.D., PG
Courage turns Sherlock Holmes on. Moral courage, even more so. For stardust_made

Crunch, R
"I want to watch him eat toast". For tinzelda

And Inwardly Digest, PG
1904: there is one of Watson's stories that Holmes hasn't read yet. For mad_with_july

The Literary Agent's Case, Pt 1 and pt 2
Arthur Conan Doyle wants to right wrongs and save a damsel in distress. He's looked at the case from every angle but failed to find the culprit. Now he really has touched bottom: he's come cap in hand to Sherlock Holmes. Worse, he's a man with a secret - which makes two of them.

Do Not Use This Address for Reply, G for methylviolet10b as part of the holmestice fic exchange.
1912: Watson hasn't seen Holmes in the flesh in years. Then he gets a strange telegram.

A Tide That Does Not Turn, PG13 for spacemutineer
Holmes is a bad patient adored by a good doctor; but he is a tide that does not turn.

Impossibilities, R for spacefall
Prompt: "I still crave a fic in which Watson and Holmes didn't permit themselves a physical relationship in their London days, but Watson learns that Holmes had a long, post-1903 affair with Harold Stackhurst. That is, learns in a 'H&W are still in touch but now W is not quite sure what to think/do/feel about things' way rather than a 'he finds out ten years after all parties involved are dead' way" from spacefall, with thanks for all the lovely art featuring the chaps. What do Holmes and Watson really look like? Spacefall knows.

Face Value, G
For musamihi as part of the acd_holmesfest fanworks exchange
How to track down a retired consulting detective who does not want to be found? Why, turn detective, of course. Based on the canon story The Yellow Face.

Wear and Tear, G
For methylviolet10b, to a Christmas prompt "holiday tweed".
In which Watson is long-suffering, but not too much.

The Other Tenant, G
For coloredink.
“The Doctor made no mention of the other tenants of Baker Street when he began to write about Mr Holmes and his cases.” The Landlady, however, has quite a few things to say about one of them.

Experience of Women NC-17, for mistyzeo, Porn Battle XIV - prompts: three continents, jealousy, intercrural
Holmes is turned on by unexpected things.

Sure NC-17, as part of the come_at_once 24 hour porn tag challenge.
On the brink.

60 for 60 fics

Posted either here or at sherlock60, brainchild of the wonderful spacemutineer. The challenge: to write 60 word ficlets, one for each of the 60 canon Sherlock Holmes stories.

Also all at Archive of Our Own: Here

BBC Sherlock fic - my only attempt so far:
Schism R, John/Molly; John/Sherlock; Molly/Sherlock.
You think you have a truth and then someone has a better one, a more exclusive one. That's how wars start.

Podfics of other people's work: 's The Keeper, kate_lear's L'Instinct Suffit. At the amplificathon archive:

PODFICS and other transformative works: I'm happy for anyone who wants to record, illustrate or remix my work to do so, so long as you let me know first and let me have a link to the finished product so I can pop it here!

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