mod post

Sep 15, 2014 22:09

Hello, guys! As you have probably noticed I haven't been very good with meeting deadlines lately and all posts (for which I apologize) have been overdue. School started and I will have less, if no time at all, to manage all of my communities so instead of closing them down or putting them on hiatus I've decided to seek out new mods to keep the comms going.

So if you want to become a new mod for tvshow20in20 just leave a comment (all comments will be screened) with your passed experience with running LJ comms (if you have any; dw that doesn't really matter much) and when you will be able to start running the community. I will pick one of you and DM you all the things you'll need like post templates etc.

If no one is interested in running this community I will have to put it on hiatus.


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