Round One - wrap-up post. Free For All!

Dec 02, 2012 09:57

Ladies and Gentlemen, Round One is over!

Whoa, that took long, but we're finally there. We're terribly sorry for all the delays. We need to figure out how to prevent situations like that in the future.

Great, great thanks to all the writers and beta-readers participating :). Many wonderful stories were written, fun was had, so Round One definitely was a success! Now we have a few questions for you, and also candy.

(A friendly reminder: please, don't forget to review the story that was written for you and thank the author properly. It's a polite thing to do, since they devoted a lot of time and energy to make your fanfic dream come true!)

Round One was an exercise in spontaneity, but do we want to repeat it, and if so: when? Same time next year? Sooner? Later? How often? Once a year? Twice? Three, four times? We'd like to steer clear of major holidays (there already are loads of holiday-related fandom events), but other than that, we're open for suggestions.

Another question is: should the next round have a theme? We came up with “Make a Wish” for Round One because it was fairly general, but we were thinking about something slightly more specific for future rounds. Would you guys want that? If so, what kind of themes would you be interested in? Or should we keep the “Make a Wish” for next rounds as well?

Please, do take some time to share your thoughts. If you don't, there's always a risk that I'll randomly wake up on some rainy January Tuesday and set up a Round Two with a truly bizarre theme you don't like and an insane deadline in March ;).

Now, candy time!

Prompts in order of appearance

How does it work?

The Free-For-All starts now and ends on midnight December 31st 2012. It is what it says on the label: when you see a prompt you like, you pick it up and write it. No need to sign up/claim. No need to tell us. Just write and post at some point this year. Multiple fills are allowed (which means you can fill a prompt that was already filled by someone else - with the exception of the prompts that were filled in Round One. Those are taken out from this list). Everyone is invited, no matter if they participated in the exchange or not. In short: write, post, be merry :).


1. Damon/Kol: 5 times they could have met
2. Klaus/Caroline: 'An' it ain't no use in turnin' on your light, babe
I'm on the dark side of the road' -- Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (Bob Dylan)
3. Stefan: 'Pure-hearted' ripper
5. Bonnie: Spirits

Things you DON'T want in your story: No heavy slash/femmeslash (bromance/friendships acceptable), Tyler/Caroline romance


2. Bonnie, Caroline, Elena (or just choose one of them if that works better for you): Inside my heart is breaking, / My make-up may be flaking, / But my smile, still, stays on
3. Katherine: looking for doppelgangers. There certainly were more than just herself an Elena. Alternatively, trying to find out as much as possible about Tatia also works for me.
4. Damon/Elena: watching each other (not in a creepy-stalkery way). It might be about them observing each other and having thoughts, or observing each other during sex, anything. I just want one character's perspective on the other, and I take all the ratings!
5. Damon: a story that revolves around the books he reads (it can be gen, or Damon/Elena, or Damon/Alaric).

Things you DON'T want in your story: dub-con, non-con, sappy romance, vampires drinking human blood during sex (if both characters are vampires, I'm cool with blood sharing).


1. Caroline/Damon: Their past is bleeding into their present. All those things she was supposed to forget, she can remember now with perfect clarity.
2. Katherine/Elijah/Klaus: They taught her what love really meant; destruction, pain, and death.
3. Stefan/Caroline/Klaus (OT3, all ships within please): Klaus’s love is obsessive and controlling and destructive. And eventually it starts to rub off. (Though really, I’ll take whatever you want to give me. Not enough of these three out there.)
4. Katerina Petrova: Her life as a human.

Things you DON'T want in your story: Fluffiness. It doesn’t have to be all dark or angst all the time, but I’m not looking for anything super fluffy. No romanticizing Katherine/Klaus or Caroline/Damon and their pasts, please.


1. Damon/Elena: Four Times They’re Interrupted, And One Time They’re Not. I’d like this to be told from other characters’ points of view, everyone but Damon or Elena. The moments don’t necessarily have to be physical in nature, in fact I’d prefer a mixture.
3. Bonnie - Watching Elena and Caroline grow closer and bond, and a look at their shifting relationships over the years from Bonnie’s perspective.
4. Caroline/Stefan - Four Times They Kept Each Other Strong, and That One Time They Ate a Village.
5. Post-apocalyptic Mystic Falls. Go nuts.

Things you DON'T want in your story: Male slash, especially in the second prompt, bromance only please. Unless you're writing the second prompt, I don't want Human Elena.


1. Elena/Damon: I know you see the truth about me/I wish I could see the truth about us
2. Elena: Her vision of the future once she wakes up
4. Stefan/Elena: I wish our love hadn't died at the bottom of a river. Like you did.

Things you DON'T want in your story: Go nuts! I'm very open minded, and I don't think my prompts take you to very dark places.


1. Klaus/Stefan: home is where the heart is
2. Klaus/Elijah: old habits die hard
3. Elijah/Katherine: forgive and forget
4. Klaus/Bonnie: a problem shared is a problem halved

Things you DON'T want in your story: Klaus/Caroline, fluff, triangles or people in love with someone else


1. Klaus + Rebekah: "You're right, his hair is funny." Klaus says this to Beks in 3x03 about Stefan. How about a fic where they sit around and critique everyone's hair and/or fashion? Could be something they've done throughout their lifetimes.
2. Damon/Elena; sexy_times, either first time or established relationship, either way Damon comes too early, embarrassing himself somewhat.
4. Elena/Damon; Five Times Elena was jealous, including the time she watched Damon and Rebekah eating marshmallows at the bonfire.
5. Damon + Stefan, brotherfic, a Five Times type thing, Five Times Stefan missed Damon, or Five Times Damon took a punishment for Stefan, or anything like that. It can be all pre-series, all while they were human, whatever.

Things you DON'T want in your story: non-con, dub-con, slash, incest; omniscent POV, I like one POV at a time--so it's fine if you want to tell the story from both Klaus' perspective and Beks' perspective, but there should be a break to indicate the POV shift. No Elena/Alaric as romantic interests, please.


2. Damon/Elena: (Damon’s) Confederate uniform.
3. Elena, Katherine, Caroline, Rebekah: “Of course the dead don’t discuss such things, you said. No, I admitted, the dead have no word for intimate, and a thousand words for blind.” [“Love Song in the Style of Romona” by Kyle McCord.]
4. Damon/Elena, or Caroline/Tyler: (541): They need to leave so I can start drinking shamefully.
5. Caroline/Klaus: “He was not dead yet, not exactly- parts of him were dead already, certainly other parts were still only waiting for something to happen, something grand, but it isn't always about me, he keeps saying, though he's talking about the only heart he knows- He could build a city. Has a certain capacity. There's a niche in his chest where a heart would fit perfectly and he thinks if he could just maneuver one into place- well then, game over.” [“Road Music” by Richard Siken.]

Things you DON'T want in your story: Main character death, rape/non-con, slash, BDSM, extremely unhappy ending. Pregnancy!fic, marriage!fic, matchmaking!fic.


1.Damon/Alaric: Babysitting
3.Alaric/Elijah: Turning
4.Alaric: Afterlife
5.Elijah/Klaus: Confession of feelings

Things you DON'T want in your story: None that I can think of.


2. Damon/Elena- Elena wants to learn to resist compulsion and asks the one person she knows won’t go easy on her, leading to a number of sessions between the two where Elena is voluntarily compelled by Damon, and tries to fight it.

3. Damon/Stefan - Damon/Stefan- Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything, with anyone.

4.Damon/Stefan - Because right now, you're all I got

5.Damon/Alaric- Damon and Alaric are stuck somewhere and Damon must feed to survive.

Things you DON'T want in your story: femslash, Stefan/Elena, Bonnie/anyone


2. (pairing) Elena/Katherine/Damon/Stefan (any and all combos)> "O, you’re gonna be wounded | O, you’re gonna be my wound | O, you’re gonna bruise too | O, I’m gonna be your bruise"
3. (pairing) Klaus/Caroline> fluff; going shopping for Klaus' bday party
4. (gen) Elena> "Mama who bore me | Mama who gave me | No way to handle things | Who made me so bad" ... Elena coping, thinking of her three mothers (3= Jenna) and what they did/did not prepare her for re: growing up
5. (gen) Elena, Caroline, Bonnie: "We're the Three best friends that anyone could have."

Things you DON'T want in your story: Have no qualms :)


2. Klaus/Caroline: Caroline really regrets that she broke the bracelet in 314, and Klaus kept it. That? Doesn't surprise her. What surprises her is that he kept it on him, up until the day he died. (And why the hell does Tyler know that?)
3. Klaus, Tyler/Caroline, Tyler/Jeremy, Tyler/Matt (but it was only once, they swear): The weird, weird shit Klaus learns while he's living in Tyler's body, which, really, he would prefer to have never learned, about anyone, ever, but it could definitely be fun to get even with the do-gooders (and get really, really laid in the process).
4. Damon, Stefan: When you're a vampire, everything is heightened. Every petty disagreement, every time you ever fought. When he'd been alive, Damon had cared that Katherine had loved both he and his brother only in his darkest moments. In his brightest, all he'd ever wanted was for his brother to be happy - even if that meant sharing. That was what family meant, to Damon. In death, Damon is still Damon - if only 200% of himself. No matter what, he will always protect Stefan, even if his darkness objects.
5. Damon/Elena: Let's ignore what we know about S4 canon (because, let's face it, they usually give us this shit out of context to fuck with us), and say: vampire!Elena wakes up and is, well, distraught and panicky and Stefan is a giant mother hen and they stick to one another like two sheets of flypaper you unraveled wrong and totally wasted. Damon sees this, loses his bacon, and up and leaves with however much or little flourish you want. Ultimately Damon/Elena, but how you get there is up to you, I just want to see it.

Things you DON'T want in your story: Anything from book!canon, even in predicting vampire!Elena. The show has created a different characterization for Elena, and agree or disagree, that is the characterization I prefer.


1. Stefan/Damon: lessons in moderation
2. Katherine/Elena: Bloodbath
3. Caroline: extracurricular activities
5. Caroline/Tyler: keeping secrets

Things you DON'T want in your story: Rape/non-con (including compulsion); dub-con is fine. Klaroline of any shape or form (unless it is a story about Caroline gauging out Klaus' useless eyes and feeding them to her pet snake. That I want. ;) ).


3. Stefan/Rebekah: Something bittersweet, acknowledging the fact that they did really care about each other back in the twenties and what it was like for Stefan to get all those memories back.
4. Damon/Elena: Lyrics "Because I'm always where I need to be. I've always thought I would end up with you eventually." Use other lyrics from this song (Always Where I Need to Be by THe Kooks) for inspiration
5. Elena(/Damon); Lyrics "The darkness has a hunger that's insatiable. The lightness has a call that's hard to hear" Use other lyrics from this song (Closer to Fine by THe Indigo Girls) for inspiration.

Things you DON'T want in your story: Don't demonize characters to make other characters look better or make a pairing more "plausible". For example, don't make Stefan completely unlikable to make it easier for Elena to choose Damon. She has to choose Damon because she feels he is right for her, not because Stefan is being stupid and ridiculously horrible. Keep'em in character!


1. Caroline/Klaus: midnight in Paris
2. Klaus/Rebekah/Kol: jealousy
4. Bonnie/Klaus: he always did have a thing for powerful witches
5. Damon/Katherine (Damon/Elena): in which he must abide a world without Elena Gilbert...

Things you DON'T want in your story: anything non-con or OOC


3. Elena/Elijah - Why Elena trusts Elijah implicitly.
4. Caroline/Tyler-Klaus - How Caroline finds out Klaus is in Tyler's body.
5. Jenna/Alaric - What happened with that Chunky Monkey.

Things you DON'T want in your story: I'm open to anything.


1. Damon/Jeremy: post 3x22 bonding over their mutual anger at Stefan. Bonus points for alcohol.
2. Katherine/Jeremy: Kat's back in town and Jeremy has to deal with the fact that he's lusting after his sister's evil bitch vampire doppelganger. In his defense...Katherine's really freaking hot. Bonus points for bloodplay/sexy times.
3. Damon/Elena: post 3x22 Elena gets jealous when Damon's interest appears to wander. Bonus points for sexy times
5. Rebekah/Stefan: sexy times in the 20s - champagne, pearls and blood.

Things you DON'T want in your story: slash/incest, Stelena or Bamon


1. Damon/Katherine: She knew where he was. - Katherine keeps track of Damon between 1864 and Season 1, whenever that happened.
2. Jeremy & Elena: They take a trip, because Team Gilbert may be greatly reduced and only 50% alive, but damnit, there's still a Team Gilbert.
3. Klaus/Stefan or Klaus & Stefan: He finds a new brother because he cannot forget his own.
5. Damon/Elena: She remembers everything now, but it doesn't matter. (It matters, and you know it.)

Things you DON'T want in your story: anything overly sappy or sentimental. Semi-romantic is fine, it doesn't all have to be doom, gloom, and personal growth, but ideally, no gazing into each other's eyes and sighing eternal love.

free-for-all, !mod

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