fic: To Ride Pegasus 1/?

Nov 10, 2012 00:17

Title: To Ride Pegasus
Recipient: shipperjunkie
Prompt: Elena+Jeremy+Damon+Alaric: An evening at the Gilbert's set prior to 3x10. Ripper!Stefan not invited, but he might stop by. Extra credit if the story is told from Jeremy's perspective.
Author: fallinangelz21
Characters/Pairings: Um...see prompt. LOL Damon/Elena emphasis w/plenty of Damon/Alaric & Damon/Jeremy bromancing to go around.
Word count: 3,628
Ratings/Warnings: R
Spoilers: Everything through 3.05 "The Reckoning."
Summary: With Ripper!Stefan back in town, the Gilbert 'family' knows the only way to save him is to work together. Easier said than done. 
Author's note: I get a big F for short stories, because even though I totally meant for this to be a one-shot, it's turned into a mutli-parter. This fic will stay in S3 canon for the duration. As always, all of the thanks and awards to bamf!Pilar as she will heretofore be known.

Two days after Stefan tried to use Elena as his own personal blood bag, Damon stood on the steps of the Gilbert front porch, pissed off and contemplating murder. 

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