Two Sets Of Memories

Aug 27, 2012 23:33

Title: Two Sets Of Memories
Characters: Jeremy. Mentions of Vicki, Elena, Damon, Stefan.
Pairing: Jeremy/Vicki
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers only for S1.
Summary: For prompt #3 of Week 1. Jeremy's thoughts on the way everyone has rewritten his last moments with Vicki.

He wondered how it was possible for him to remember something that had never really happened )

character: jeremy gilbert, setting: season 1, category: het

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bogwitch August 30 2012, 22:40:53 UTC
Sorry, I had no internet for a few days.

This is really nice. How does the brain makethese memories so real in this universe?


tellshannon815 August 31 2012, 16:44:13 UTC
Thank you! I have to admit I've wondered that one.


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