Секрет Полишинеля, или как Антанта воспринимала (а Запад и сейчас воспринимает) идею Единой России.

May 23, 2013 23:03

Крайне интересно сравнить статью о Белом движении в Википедии, написанную на английском и на русском. Первый вариант наглядно показал мне, что ненависть к России, потом к СССР и затем опять к России - это нечто имманентно свойственное определенной группе людей, довольно успешно продвигающей вперед свои интересы, маскируемые самого разного рода "гуманитарными" соображениями.

Как один из серьёзных грехов проводится тот факт, что Белое движение "было националистическим и верило в единую, многонациональную Россию"... Ну да, смертных грех, а как же :(((

The White movement were chiefly opponents of the Red Army.[3] They said they would bring law and order and the salvation of Russia, fighting against traitors, barbarians, and murderers.[4] They often acted in response to previous Red aggression and worked to remove Soviet organizations and functionaries in White-controlled territory.[5]

Overall, the White Army was nationalistic[3] and rejected ethnic particularism and separatism.[4] The White Army generally believed in a united multinational Russia, and opposed separatists who wanted to create nation-states instead of the Tsarist Russian Empire. Amongst White Army members, anti-Semitism was widespread.[3] Western sponsors were dismayed at this, especially as the Bolsheviks had prohibited anti-Semitism and appeared more progressive. Winston Churchill personally warned General Denikin, whose forces effected pogroms against the Jews, that "my task in winning support in Parliament for the Russian Nationalist cause will be infinitely harder if well-authenticated complaints continue to be received from Jews in the zone of the Volunteer Armies."[6]

Many of the White leaders were conservative. They accepted autocracy while being suspicious of "politics" (which they characterized as consisting of speeches, elections, and party activities).[3]

Aside from being anti-Bolshevik[4] and patriotic, the Whites had no set ideology or main leader.[3]

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