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Jun 30, 2016 12:18

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There have been many reactions to Britain's vote to the the EU (aka Brexit), but this bitterly ironic poem by English poet Luke Wright expresses what many 'Remain' voters are feeling. He reads it brilliantly too.


It’s Great to Have My Country Back
by Luke Wright

The dream of ’45 is dead
united Europe full of lead
division reigns but SHIT THE BED
It’s great to have my country back!

The markets shake like Georgie Best
as Farridge thumps his flabby chest
and struts about like Kayne West
It’s great to have my country back!

Boo sucks to you Miss Merkel Frau
no Englishman will ever bow
our pound is worth a penny now
It’s great to have my country back!

And here they come the dull and drab
the clumsy, half-pissed power grab
Angela Eagle! Stephen Crabb!
It’s great to have my country back!

It’s great to have my country back
well some of it at least
as Sturgeon whips her scalpel out
and Belfast calls the priest

Auf Wiedersehen controlling Krauts
behold our future - mapped by louts -
where Brussels only come with sprouts
It’s great to have my country back!

Experts? Pah, what total tosh
they take backhanders off the Bosch
Nah, I trust Boris, cos he talks posh.
It’s great to have my country back!

Chin-up Charlie, don’t get mis
ignore the racists popping fizz.
Look how straight this banana is!
It’s great to have my country back!

At last our plucky nation’s free
Hurrah for Bojo sipping tea
and laughing: Me me me me me me!
It’s great to have my country back!

Although the narrator of the poem is ostensibly a 'Brexiteer' ("We want our country back" was one of the 'Leave' campaign's most successful slogans), the tone is clearly ironic. When Luke Wright says "It's great to have my country back!", he really means the opposite.

Teachers could use this poem with more advanced classes but there are probably some things that would need explanation. These notes may help:

1. The 'dream of '45' refers to the post-war (1945) creation of the EU, whose main aim was to make another war in Europe impossible
2. 'full of lead' - lead bullets, i.e., having been metaphorically shot
3. SHIT THE BED - an expression of surprise
4. George Best was a legendary Manchester United footballer who became an alcoholic, hence the shakes
5. Farridge - 'wrong' pronunciation of 'Farage', UKIP leader
6. '(Ya) boo sucks to' (someone) is a slang phrase used to insult people
7. Miss Merkel Frau: Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
8. half-pissed: half-drunk
9. Angela Eagle: contender for the Labour Party leadership
10. Stephen Crabb: contender for the Conservative Party leadership
11. Sturgeon: Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish first minister. There's a play on the word 'surgeon'. A surgeon uses a scalpel to cut people open. Sturgeon want to cut Scotland off from the rest of the UK (Scottish independence is 'back on the table' after Brexit)
12. Belfast: capital of Northern Ireland, which voted to remain in the EU. You call a priest when someone is dying.
13. Auf Wiedersehen: 'goodbye' in German
14. Krauts: offensive slang word for Germans (from sauerkraut?)
15. Lout: rude, offensive person
16. Brussels: EU capital and a metonym for the EU as a whole
17: Sprouts: Brussels sprouts are a vegetable
16. Tosh: rubbish ('Leave' campaigner Michael Gove famously said "people in this country have had enough of experts")
17. Backhanders: bribes (Gove also suggested the experts predicting post-Brexit chaos were being funded by the EU)
18. Boris: Boris Johnson, ex-mayor of London, leading Brexit campaigner
19. Posh: upper class (Boris went to Eton public school)
20. Chin-up: 'keep your chin up' means 'remain cheerful in difficult circumstances'
21. Mis: miserable (?)
22. Popping fizz: opening bottles of champagne (to celebrate the victory against immigration). Racist incidents have already increased.
23. Banana: one of the biggest myths surrounding the EU is that they tried to ban 'bent' bananas (see here)
24. Bojo: nickname for Boris Johnson

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