Dec 29, 2020 12:06

It seems every year, after Christmas, I always feel a letdown. All that preparation and it's over in the blink of an eye. This year there was even more of a letdown because Christmas prep, decorating, baking, and waiting for packages really broke up the monotony of staying socially distant.

Christmas was very nice. Christmas Eve, youngest son came over with his GF. We met her once before in February then quarantine hit and we haven't seen her again. Both my son and GF are really careful. They both took a COVID test before Christmas. We had the traditional fish dinner for Christmas Eve. Son and GF came back in the AM to open presents and have a light breakfast (basically just English muffins) then they were off to her parents' house.

Oldest son and DIL have never met GF but they had a short chat over FaceTime. This is a strange way to be introduced but you have to work with the tools you have. Youngest son didn't want to do a FaceTime intro but since he has been seeing GF for over a year, it was getting weird that they never met.

I wasn't sure what to make for Christmas dinner, since it was just me, hubby, and daughter. I picked up a beef tenderloin roast, a small canned ham, and a turkey breast, this way all of my bases were covered. I made the roast and had the ham the next day, the turkey breast is still in the freezer. I'm not a huge fan of ham, don't get me wrong I love a ham sandwich but sliced ham for dinner? No! We had a lot of ham leftover so yesterday I made Eggs Benedict with the leftover ham and leftover English muffins. I never made it before and it was yum.

I hope all on my flist had a lovely holiday and are keeping safe and warm,


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