Drive by Amusing Antidote

Nov 21, 2020 18:30

I think I have mentioned that hubby is not tech savvy AT ALL! He doesn't have a smartphone he uses a flip phone and has no idea how to use a computer.

My youngest brother is a bit of a jokester and is always texting corny jokes. A few days ago he texted all the sibs this:

To whoever stole my MS Office

I'll find you, you have my Word

Since hubby doesn't have a smartphone he doesn't use text but if I am out of the room and my phone pings, he will get up and look at my phone. While I was resting the above text came in and hubby read it.

When I came downstairs hubby is upset and tells me, my brother texted accusing the sibs of stealing something. Hee!

#2, hubby, bro

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