Jul 28, 2020 21:02

I got this from bearshorty, it looked like fun.

Been to an NFL game?- Yes, many years ago when the Giants still played in NY

Been to Canada? - Yes, Niagara Falls twice and Toronto once

Visited Florida? - Yes, several times because sister #3 lives there.

Visited Mexico? - Yes, Acapulco and Mexico City

Visited Vegas? - Yes. I'm not a gambler but I ( Read more... )


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bearshorty July 29 2020, 01:22:55 UTC

Fun answers, glad you are doing it too. I like your out of gas story. (But I think you just kept my hospital answer?)


teragramm July 29 2020, 01:38:03 UTC
I copy and paste my LJ answers to DW. I knew I changed that answer but it turns out only on DW. I fixed it now, thanks for letting me know. I also kept your answer for the donating blood question but I fixed that too.


kazzy_cee July 29 2020, 06:34:26 UTC
That’s a fun thing - I may pinch it ;)

When you share a car it’s so annoying when someone doesn’t fill it up again!!!


teragramm July 29 2020, 14:18:14 UTC
Yes sharing a car can be a pain.

I actually have another gas story that is the opposite of the one above. When I was living at home and before I got my own car, I used to ask my Dad (on Friday night) which one of his 2 cars I could borrow. He would usually tell me to take the car that had less gas in it. When I got into the car and saw it was almost empty I would fill it, figuring that was the car I would be using all weekend. (Mind you back then $15 bucks would just about fill a car). On Saturday night my Dad would tell me to take the other car and when I got in it, I saw that, the 2nd car was almost empty too.

After a few weeks of putting gas in both cars, I complained to my dad that he always let me borrow the car that had no gas. His answer was "my mother didn't raise an idiot". All this time I thought he didn't know the car he was lending me had no gas and it turns out he was doing it on purpose. My dad was a sneaky man. ~_^


kazzy_cee July 29 2020, 16:16:00 UTC
Lol! Clever Daddy!!!


teragramm July 29 2020, 21:24:13 UTC
He did have his clever moments.

I love that he owned the fact that he gave me the car with no gas. He could have acted surprised, but no, he totally copped to it.


brunettepet July 29 2020, 21:19:07 UTC
That is a funny story!


teragramm July 29 2020, 21:39:27 UTC
Thanks! Did you read my reply to kazzy_cee? It is the companion story to the sister gas story.


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