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Sep 21, 2018 10:26

Well, it's been 9 days since I posted the questions for the style meme, I'm not very good at doing this daily. *shrugs* At lest I haven't stopped it altogether, below are the answers to the next 4 questions.

11. What do you think of body piercing? It's your body, do what you want. Personally, I would never get anything pierced besides my ears. In fact, I'm thinking of getting a third hole in each ear.

12. Do you like dyed hair? As opposed to gray? You betcha!

13. Can you wear heels? What is the highest heel you can wear? Not really! If I am going to a wedding or to another fancy event, I will wear heels but only kitten heels. Hubby is about the same height I am, so if I wear any heels over an inch to an inch and a half, I tower over him. Since I rarely wear heels, I don't walk great in them. When I do wear heels I usually stick those foldable flats in hubby's pocket, so I can change later.

14. Do you have any experience with makeup? Experience?? I use it, does that count as experience? I'm not an expert but I can put on pencil eyeliner, shadow and an eye lid contour line, without looking horrible. Other than that, I'm pretty lost when it comes to putting on make up.

1. How would you describe your current fashion style?
2. What’s your favorite decade for fashion?
3. Formal or casual?
4. Thrift store, boutique, or online?
5. Do you like to accessorize?
6. What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most?
7. Do you wear hats?
8. What is your opinion on wearing socks and sandals together?
9. What colors do you like to wear?
10. What fashions do you hate?
11. What do you think of body piercing?
12. Do you like dyed hair?
13. Can you wear heels? What is the highest heel you can wear?
14. Do you have any experience with makeup?
15. Have you ever worn a uniform or traditional clothes?
16. What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
17. Have you ever had to wear something you didn’t like?
18. How do you feel about wearing fur?
19. Do you prefer simple or detailed outfits?
20. How often do you wear jewelry?
21. Do you have any souvenir clothing from trips or concerts?
22. Do you paint your nails?
23. What are your favorite pair of shoes (add a photo if possible)?
24. Do you carry a bag, backpack, purse, or something else?
25. What does your hair look like right now?
26. Have you worn something you or someone you know has made?
27. Have you made any clothes/ jewelry?
28. What are your thoughts on perfume/cologne?
29. What do you wear to go swimming?
30. What would be your ideal outfit?

meme, style meme

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