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Dec 28, 2016 09:24

Christmas was very nice, quite but nice. Oldest son, DIL and grandbaby spent Christmas in Chicago. So we has a small celebration the week before Christmas. Of course, the grandbaby enjoyed all the wrapping paper. In fact, she found the paper recycle bin and had a blast. While they are in Chicago, we are watching their sweet poochie, Roy.

We went to mass on Christmas Eve, so Christmas day we slept late, opened presents and had a late breakfast. We lounged around most of the day until our yummy dinner of herb crusted beef tenderloin roast. I got to speak to all of my sib for christmas and got a video chat with my son, DIL, the baby and DIL's family. It was a nice quite Christmas with family.

Unfortunately, I woke up on on Christmas morning to a computer that wouldn't turn on but youngest son figured out the problem and it was up and running in no time. So, I got to see all the lovely lj posts wishing everyone a happy holiday. It's been a long time since my flist has bee so active on a holiday. (Thank you expanded flist.)

On Monday we had our next door neighbors over. We have been living next to each other for over 30 years. We get along great, but rarely hang out together and it was a nice extension of the holiday.

The news of Carrie Fisher, was followed this AM by the new that a long time friend had passed. Our families were closer, when we were active in the local theater group, but I am still heartbroken that this gentle lady has passed. She had been sick for a while and I am glad she is now at peace. That is now seven friends, all around my age, who have lost a spouse. So sad, and scary.

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