Broken Wings

Aug 11, 2015 12:06

Title: Broken Wings
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Tinkerbell, Nova, Cora, Regina, Peter Pan, Hook.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for late S4 to be safe but mainly S3.
Summary: What happened when Tinkerbell met Cora and told her about Regina's true love.
Notes: For eternal_moonie, who may not remember commenting to me at the time of 4x20 about wondering ( Read more... )

ouat: captain hook/killian jones, ouat: peter pan, ouat: evil queen/regina mills, ouat: nova/astrid, ouat: cora, ouat: tinkerbell

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eternal_moonie August 11 2015, 11:17:58 UTC

I still remember me saying that to you in a comment for that episode.

Thank you so much for writing this!!



tellshannon815 August 11 2015, 11:34:44 UTC
*hugs back* Any time. You know I always find myself with story ideas after chatting to you which I really appreciate, and I promise that one day there will be one with more Pan.

Also consider it my way of making up for being tired and grumpy recently, promise there won't be any more of that. You know what? It actually ended up becoming a lot easier to write by the end (maybe Pan's influence?) so I'm glad you talked some sense into me and I didn't end up deleting it.

Anyway, have to go now, but definitely catch up soon!


ragnarok_08 August 11 2015, 16:01:20 UTC
Wow, this was really fantastic - very well written :D


hughville August 11 2015, 20:13:11 UTC
The way you connected everything is amazing! I really like it.


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