With the beanflower’s boon, and the blackbird’s tune, and May, and June!

May 31, 2020 15:59

Hello, folks!
Well, it's obvious that without *something* to spur me, I won't be posting. So, I shall be doing this, starting tomorrow. :D

The June Something is a multi-fandom non-fest from June 1-15(-ish) where you answer a series of questions about yourself and fandom, one question per day. Kinda similar to Fandom Snowflake in January, if you've ever done that in the past!

You will post on your own journal, no checking in required! And no one will check on you! (That's like the lowest pressure non-fest that exists!)

Also - today is the last day to sign up for the Zombiebang!! I wanted to, but realized the story I wanted to tell was much less zombie and a lot more Bucky/Steve, so.... BUT! I love the zombie trope, and it would be awesome to see a lot of art and fic for this. :D

Hope everyone is well and safe! *hugs*

(Subject line is from De Gustibus- by Robert Browning.)
*pokes xposting settings*

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