Day Forty-Eight! Wow. :D

May 07, 2020 10:20

Heya! Looks like I took a wee break from posting, eh? But - still here, still sneezing.
The worst thing about this allergy-from-hell reaction this year, is *I feel sick*!! My nose is alternately running or stuffed up, my throat hurts (and itches), my ears are sort of clogged and they *also* itch, down inside, I cough, I sneeze, I feel...blech.

But no fever, no aches, I know I'm *not* 'sick', but I just feel like shite. ARGH.
Plus - name-brand allergy meds are *hella* expensive, jeez.

Anyway - I'm back! And I'm going to start off with this movie meme, snagged from sweptawaybayou. Who, btw, is still *here*. And now she's posted! Go say hi. :D

Also, check out the awesome Alphabet Meme sparrow2000 is doing!

So - on with the meme!

Favourite movie: Omg, really? ARRGH. Okay...'Auntie Mame'.
Movie that makes you remember your childhood: 'Jaws'. It's New Hampshire, it's the beach, it's voices like my dad's family, like every summer at the beach at Hampton ever, and the woman with the curly, dark hair, who in the town meeting says 'I don't think that's funny at all'? Is a DEAD RINGER for my Aunt Mabel. So...yeah. :D
Favourite Tom Hanks movie: 'Big'.
Movie that makes you cry: Oh, jeez...'Dead Poet's Society'.
Favourite 80's movie: Holy gods, so many....'Labyrinth'
Favourite comedy: 'Love, Actually'
Favourite sports movie: 'Remember the Titans'
Favourite courtroom movie: 'My Cousin Vinny'
Favourite horror movie: 'Descent' (the all-women one)
Most overrated movie: 'Inception'.
Favourite gangster movie: 'Bullets Over Broadway'
Movie you can watch over and over: 'The Abyss'
Movie with the best soundtrack: 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'
Movie you're most embarrassed that you love: Ebmarrassed? Me? 'Clueless'
Christmas movie: 'A Christmas Story'
Favourite sequel: 'Aliens'
Favourite Sci-Fi movie: 'Alien'
Favorite Musical: 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
Favorite Trilogy or Saga: 'Alien' trilogy (yeah, i know there's more....)
Favorite Classic Movie (60s and below): 'Some Like It Hot'
Favorite Super Hero Movie: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Originally entered at - comment where you please!

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