Twenty-five - Duck & dive!

Apr 25, 2020 14:06

It's like Cockney rhyming slang! Which, let me tell you, when i discovered that existed as a kid? I was delighted. Me old china. :D

25. Did your mother work outside the home when you were a child? What was her job?

Not really, though she was always busy. My mom trained as a nurse, and was a surgical nurse when she met my dad (he was an anesthesiologist), and then an administrative nurse. So when they got married, my mom kept working for a little bit, and then when she had my oldest brother, she stopped.

She still did the billing for my dad (he would charge like 30 or 40 dollars to put you out for surgery! This was the sixties.), and later she volunteered at the hospital to help run the gift shop (a charity was also involved), and to help with some admin stuff.

I don't think she missed being a nurse all that much - she liked working when she was doing it, but she really enjoyed being home and taking care of the household and all, too. She said she hated working the maternity ward (the used Scopolamine to counter nausea from anesthesia - she said a lot of women had weird reactions and would hallucinate and stuff, and do a lot of yelling and babbling, and she really didn't like that), and enjoyed doing triage in the ER the most.

She went to school in New York when she was in her early twenties for nursing, which always made me admire her; she moved from a small, quiet home in St. Louis to NEW YORK! all on her own, to live with strangers and go to school. Whoo! I was easily impressed.

She said they would go up on the roof of their building and sunbathe and have drinks. I very much admire my mom, and love her, and miss her dearly. She lives with my sister in NC, and I don't get to see her nearly often enough.

This is her in March of 1959 (right before they married) - she said she and her girlfriend were 'reproducing favorite album covers' - I have no idea which album, and she couldn't remember, heh.

It poured and poured and *poured* rain yesterday and last night, and we got some hail, too, and a lot of lightning and thunder!

Be safe, be well! *hugs*

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