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Mar 17, 2030 15:25

Just had to change the date on this, when i realized it was *after* my newest post. Who'd have thought 2020 would come around so fast??

So, I finally succumbed. :)

Putting this up here so it's easier to see.... If you want a .pdf of any fic, please don't hesitate to ask!

I am also slowly adding Supernatural and Avengers and some Buffy/Angel/Firefly fic to my AO3 account.

My older Buffy work (like Changes) is at my secondary account on AO3, scarecrow_horses.

I'm going to list in order from newest to oldest, and will try to warn for anything I can remember to warn for. For fic that has more than one part, I'm going to link to the first part only. Most everything has links to all other parts as well as a story-specific tag. Any 'verse will list in chronological order, first to last/newest. An R rating can be for violence/gore/language as well as intimacy.

Most of the Supernatural is Sam/Dean, most of the Buffy is Spike/Xander. It will say otherwise.

ETA: Now with summaries! Gods help us. Don't let them put you off!


The World Where Yesternight You Died. Adult. A Supernatural RPS AU in Spaaaaace! In which Jensen is a super-soldier who's lost his way, and Jared is the secret freedom-fighter who might just help him find it again.

Keeping Company. Adult. Supernatural RPS. Jared photographs things. Jensen is very photographic. A 'not what you were expecting' kinda-sorta escort fic.

This Thing of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine. Adult. Supernatural. Post-finale fic for the summer_gen challenge. Dean has an encounter with Death after Metatron kills him but before his eyes open, demon black.

Eucharist. Season five finale - an unseen moment. Sam and the demon blood.

That New World Which is the Old. Adult. Crossover between Supernatural and Falling Skies. A routine patrol becomes something else when Tom Mason and his scouts run into Sam and Dean. For the spn_summergen challenge.

Betwixt the Green and Blue. Castiel character study, or - how he became Emmanual. PG13. For the spn_summergen challenge.

The Day in the Palm of our Hands. Dean/Victor, R. For the spn_reversebang challenge. An AU the starts after Jus en Bello.

'The Blinds are Open and Anybody Might See' Challenge. Sam/Dean, R. PWP comment fic.

The Heavens Are Not Shaken (The Catch a Falling Star remix). Sam and Dean, PG. For the Remix Redux 9: Love Potion No. 9 challenge.

Angels With Dirty Faces. Supernatural/Buffy xover. S/D, S/X. R. Set in the beginning of season two. Established relationship, casefic.

Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a Man. Supernatural/Bones xover. D/B, S/D implied. R. Booth needs a break. Dean doesn't wanna get arrested.

Blood and Air. For the spn_reversebang challenge. Gen, PG-13. Missouri Moseley has seen this before - the very air is killing people. She knows who to call.

South China Sea 'verse
RPF set during the Vietnam war. Permanent character injury.
South China Sea. J2. A bit gory, with a dash of Christian Kane/David Boreanez. R.
History Like Bones. Timestamp. J2 and C/B. R.
Born on the Fourth of July. Timestamp, pre and post 'South China Sea', PG-13.
The tag to this 'verse includes links to art and podfic.

Ever After (the Gut, Heart, Soul remix). Written for the Remix...Redux:Magic Eight Ball challenge at AO3. Underage, PG-13. Sort-of-first-time (not explicit).

Comes to Dust. For the apocabigbang. Sam/Dean, PG-13. The apocalypse happened. Sam and Dean survived. So did a few other things.

I Was Born in a Summer Storm. From a prompt at my lj. Sam/Dean, R. Sam character piece.

Evidence of Things Not Seen. From a prompt at my lj. Gen, PG-13. The amulet, and Castiel's sense that he is slowly losing his faith.

The Angel Came by Night (Such Angels Still Come Down) remix. For the kamikazeremix challenge. Sam/Dean, PG-13. The apocalypse has been grinding on for years, but something suddenly shines a little light of hope into the darkness.

And Burn the Long-liv'd Phoenix in her Blood. For the spn_summergen challenge. John/Mary (not explicit). PG-13 Mary survived, but destiny still drags the family into the world of hunting.

Le Bel Endormi dans la Tour or The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. J2. A re-write of the classic fairy tale. RPF, PG-13.

At My Feet, Eternity. For the j2_everafter challenge. J2. A re-write of 'The Swiss Family Robinson'. RPF, PG-13.

No Sense At All. Mostly gen, but Dean and Castiel *do* kiss once. :) PG-13. Castiel is 'troubled' - Dean helps out.

Wind from the North-North-West. Gen. Meg before she was demon!Meg. PG-13.

These Rags of Memory. For the kamikazeremix challenge. Gen, PG-13. Remember when Dean said he knew what it was like to be three-days hungry....?

The Song of the Treadmill
AU of Show. Sam makes a deal with an angel, to cancel out Dean's deal. He never imagined how he'd pay.
The Song of the Treadmill. Sam/Dean, R.
In Dreams. A Treadmill timestamp. S/D implied. G.
The Lad That Loves You True. A Treadmill timestamp. S/D implied, PG-13.

Post-hell, Dean with PTSD. Possibly triggery, though i don't know if i've written it that well.
The Canon's Mouth. It took Sam four months to get Dean out of Hell. Dean slept for three days. Gen, R.
Conscience Wide as Hell Dean's first brush with the world now that he's free. Gen, R.
Mad Blood Stirring. Dean decides on a course of action to 'fix' him. Sam/Dean implied, R.

Read Us The Book of the Names of the Dead. Sam/Dean, R. Dean and Sam, working a case in Seattle.

Generation Landslide
Generation Landslide. Dean, Sam, and Dean's kid. Who is 13. Gen, PG-13.
Billion Dollar Babies. Timestamp to Generation Landslide. Gen, PG-13.

Wolfpack (Outside POV)
What if the boys weren't quite so tame...? AU of Show, dark!boys and John.
Wolfpack. Underage (teen), Sam/Dean. R.
Dogs of War. R.
Breathing Space. Dean POV. Sam/Dean, R.
Savage and Jaunty. R.
In Which Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle. Timestamp - pre-series. PG-13.

Sanguine. Gen, PG-13. Sam, at the end of things, remembering.... (Not a death fic.)

Two Roads Diverged. Powers!Sam. Sam/Dean, PG-13. Sam's powers are there from baby-hood.

The Red Shoes. Picture prompt challenge, Sam/Dean, R. Links to wincest comm. Sam just can't get over wanting Dean.

Thou Born to Match the Gale, (thou art all wings). Sam/Dean, PG-13. Casefic, East Coast and Boston. What they think is a monster turns out to be something quite different.

Dry Heat. A pwp as 'payment' for some lovely art. Sam/Dean, R. "Yeah, but it's a dry heat!"

kaz2y5. These short ficlets were all written for prompts at this challenge comm. All links go to the comm lj. Most are Sam/Dean - warnings at the comm.
Prompt and Picture challenge comm ficlets.

Day in the Life. Pre-series, gen, PG. The boys being brothers, John being a father, and the origin of Rumsfeld.

Brightness Falls From the Air. Gen, PG-13, immediate post-season-1 ficlet. At the moment of impact, just one moment from their past is bright and clear....

Dark. A Dean-in-Hell snippet.


Tientsin. Buffy/Angel AU, starting with the 'Fanged Four' in the Boxer Rebellion, and Angel's decision to go to Sunnydale and fight with Buffy.

Big. Late-season Buffy AU, Spike/Xander and a witch's curse - deaging! PG13.

Beautiful Wreck. RPF (cracktrailer), David/Jason, R. Jason's POV of 'Your Breath in my Hands'.

Reveille. S/X, R for violence. Set immediately after 'The Yoko Factor'. What if Xander really *had* joined the Army? A charity fic for fandom_helps.

With No Direction Home Buffy/Firefly crossover. S/A, R. For the rekindlespangel challenge. The ships left Earth-that-was in 2101. Two vampires were aboard. Takes up to the Battle of Serenity Valley.

Loyal Love has Deathless Wings. A charity fic for qldfloodauction. S/X, R. Spike keeps coming back to Sunnydale, Xander keeps being there. Vamp!Hyena!Xander. :)

Angels With Dirty Faces. Supernatural/Buffy xover. S/D, S/X. R. Set in the beginning of season two. Established relationship, casefic.

Your Breath in my Hands. RPF (cracktrailer) David/Jason, R. Pissed-off-in-the-rain sex.

Summer Redundant. Dawn/Connor, PG-13, end of season six (Buffy). Prompt!fic. Still-a-little-feral-Connor comes to stay with Buffy and Dawn for a while.

Troubles Never Come Alone. Spike/Mal, Buffy/Firefly xover. Post-Serenity. Another prompt!fic. Spike and Mal know each other of old.

Into the Blue Again. Faith/Buffy, PG-13. Post-everything. Faith's just doing her job. Buffy's just being Buffy. Written for Sweet Charity.

Graven Image. Gunn/Angel, R. Early season two, written for the maleslashminis challenge. Gunn helps Angel to get over Darla.

Two Fusiliers. Spike/Angel, R. Post-everything, Angel comes back to the city he abandoned, where Spike is now the de facto 'champion'. Written for sweptawaybayou's birthday.

Perdition to Arcadia. Spike/Angel, R. A companion fic to sweptawaybayou's Redeeming Spiritual Qualities. Sex and church.

One Perfect Moment. Angel/Buffy. PG-13. That moment of perfection, when Angel's soul is truly happy...and it's not for the reason you think it is.

Sum of the Whole. Lindsey, character study. PG-13, i suppose. Lindsey and the loss of his hand - his self.

Darling Buds of May. Dawn/Justin (vampire from 'All the Way'). PG. Dawn is taking that step into adulthood every girl takes one day...for all the wrong reasons, with the wrong guy.

Foundling. Spike/Connor, R. Post-everything, Spike and Connor and Illyria in a destroyed LA.
Ragdoll. Spike/Connor, R. 'Foundling' sequel. Spike and Connor hit the road.

Bao Bei. Spike/Angel, Simon. PG-13, Firefly xover. My take on how River got sprung from the labs.

Stumbling In. Xander/Lindsey, PG-13. A sort of AU in which the boys leave LA, and Spike and Dawn come along. Written for the btvs_valentine challenge.

Reminder. Spike/Gunn, R. Angel season five. Gunn finds out there's more to Spike than meets the eye. Written for a 'Slash is Sexy' mini ficathon.

Watch and Wonder. Xander/Oz, PG-13. The 'laconic and the chronic', as per prompted at the year_of_oz ficathon.

Marvel 'Verse

47.25435° N, 101.73998° W. Adult. Modern AU. Summer, North Dakota. The war is over for both Bucky and Steve, but coming home isn't as easy as it seems.

Ill Stars 'verse
Who With Ill Stars Are Curst. Adult. Post Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It seemed Steve only caught up with Bucky when Sam wasn't around.
That Heart, Which Others Bleed For, Bleed For Me. Adult. Post Captain America: Civil War. Four seasons in Bucharest.

TNR 'verse
Trap-Neuter-Release. Adult. Steve Rogers works part time for Flatbush Avenue Ferals, a cat rescue in Brooklyn. Bucky Barnes is a veteran who happens to love cats. Their first meeting is a little scary, but things...get better. Steve POV.
Expect To Be Scratched. Adult. The first step is admitting you have a crush...the next step is adopting cats. Bucky POV.

Achilles, Who Would Not Live Long Teen and Up. Post Captain America: The Winter Soldier/pre Civil War. My interpretation of Sebastian Stan's ideas about what was in Bucky's backpack in 'Civil War'. "In his backpack there are a dozen notebooks that compose the scattered memories dating back to as far as he can remember...."

Corpus et Sanguinem (Body and Blood). Adult. Adult/Explicit. Medieval AU. Sergeant Templar Stiofan and Master Fixer Mason Apprentice Jacopo, in 13th century Italy. Some bondage, some spanking, some flogging...perhaps a little blasphemy. Written for the Summer Lovin' Fix Exchange

Solitude 'verse
This Solitude Through Which We Go Adult. Post Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Gen. Bucky comes in from the cold, but living with a traumatic amputation - and all those memories - isn't easy.
Uncle Sam's Daughters and Sons. Adult. Recovery isn't linear, and it's the little things that seem to make the biggest disturbance.
Thin Ice. Adult. They're good, but they're not perfect. Hydra still lurks, and even the best armor can have a chink.... A brief, non-detailed mention of torture.
Rooted Sorrow. Adult. An interlude in the 'verse, set between 'This Solitude' and 'Uncle Sam'.

Tony-the-monkey (or, Tell me about animal transformations....) Teen. Gen. A silly comment ficlet wherein Tony is transformed into a monkey

Aaaaaand......that's all for now.

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