Channel Surfing

Mar 27, 2010 03:54

Title: Channel Surfing
Vidders: ash48 and maichan808 (made for the SVS Collaboration Challenge)
Betas: deirdre-c and counteragent
Music: Audio from Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries, Precioso, Dexter, CSI Miami, ESPN, Lost, Full House, Laverne & Shirley, Parks & Recreation and Gilmore Girls
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Category: Mash-up, Crossover, CRACK!
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bela
Summary: The boys watch more TV.
Length: 4:49

Streaming Links [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Download Link [ 1 ] (73MB, DivX)

vidder: maichan808, character: castiel, character: sam winchester, category: crack, category: crossover, character: dean winchester, vidder: ash48, character: bela talbot

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