Watching Roswell for the First Time

Nov 28, 2009 00:36


-You would think she would have been freaking out if she got shot and then oh, look, no more bullet hole gunshot wound thing. If I was here, I'd be all like WTF OMG 911 I HAVE AN EMERGENCY.

-Oh hai Katherine Heigl. I knew I'd find you here, but I have to say age has done her well. And some lighter hair color.

-The aliens' car I couldn't drive. I hate convertibles. I hate anything without doors. I would freak out if I was riding around in that thing.

-Their powers are totally unbelievable, even for aliens. Especially where the Katherine Heigl chick picks up the CD and plays it with her powers.

-Max can't act. Other dude has bad hair.

-And she still has that weird hand print on her stomach. Doesn't she try to get that off? If I was her, I'd demand Max give me some answers on hand print removal.

-Now he wants to show her what his life is about, and he's all creeping up on her and she's like back off buddy- Oh, well, whatever. I'm not going to argue. Okay, this is kinda creepy. I wouldn't like that if I was her. I'd be like ...

-Time to confront Liz about what had happened. Oh, look at that, hand prints on the crime scene photos. Her boyfriend is being all creepy and going behind her back on stuff. And she's not very convincing about there being nothing wrong.

-My cat is getting interested in this. He's climbing up on the TV watching along with me. I wubble my kitty.

-"Where did you come from?" "I dunno." Good answer.

-Maria is a total bitch. She's all demanding answers and threatening her best friend because she wants answers, and then she gets the truth and can't handle it. And Maria also cannot drive.

-Who wears a suit and tie to a UFO festival?

-All of these people are idiots. They have silly plans. The feasibility of their working doesn't really seem to play much of a roll in anything. Ahahaha, lol, they framed the Sheriff's son. Mean mean mean mean mean.

-Sheriff is still roughing up Max without evidence besides the word of some crazy UFO people. Oh, wait, they're letting him go.

-Aliens are all sad to watch the fake UFO crash and the fake alien burning bodies. Then comes the random Dave Matthews music. Oh, sign of the times. 1999, how I miss you.

-For just having really found out they like one another, Max and Liz really are getting close really fast. All touchy "It's not safe boo hoo" close. Oh, look, Max wants there to be something more between them, but he's "different".

-Liz writing in her journal again. Also, I don't think you actually ever died Liz. You looked awfully alive to me.

It's over!

Megan's rating: B-

I want to see more, but this was a fair effort. Lots of little nit picks, but overall it was acceptable. Will watch next episode. Have to - spent $10 on the set.

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