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Oct 07, 2009 00:59

Across the world, mutants like us live in constant fear. We are afraid of ourselves, afraid of one another, and afraid of the world we have been born into. But our fear is nothing compared to the madness of the normal world.

The year is 2009. In 2004, a government sponsored action known as the McAllister Act changed the face of the world as everyone knew it. Mutants were outlawed, and the government ordered their capture and execution. Hundreds died, thousands more went into hiding. Professor Xavier was assassinated and the Xavier Institute left in ruins, students either captured or scattered to the wind. Jean Grey disappeared, presumed dead. The mutant known by the alias of Magneto was killed in a bombing. Storm, Rogue, both dead. All sides lost people - the X-Men, the Brotherhood, everyone. But they were not dead. Not yet.

Day by day we struggle to survive. What do we have left to live for? There is no future. There is barely a present. All we know is that we bleed, we hurt, we’re still alive, but is there a reason anymore? They all hate us. The whole world wants us dead.

The McAllister Act spawned a paramilitary organization known as the Mutant Enforcement Unit, comprised of the best and brightest soldiers, in addition to mutants who have been given the choice of serving the government or execution. Together they have been tasked with capturing and executing mutants from coast to coast, but their power is spreading outside of the borders of the United States. Soon, no matter their nationality or location, mutants will be in danger everywhere.

So we keep fighting, keep trying to make it to tomorrow, but who knows how long we can last. Each and every day another one of us dies. Our numbers are dwindling. It is only a matter of time before none of us are left, before the word “mutant” is just an afterthought, a distant memory.

These mutants have been declared the FUGITIVE GENERATION. In the city of New York, more and more mutants are congregating with an assortment of factions trying to find someone to protect them, but even the strongest mutant cannot hold out for much longer. The government is closing in.

What else can we do? Give up and die? No. We have to fight.

((The Fugitive Generation is an AU Intermediate to Advanced X-Men RPG, rated R for adult content and violence. We are recruiting both canon and original characters to join our dark and disturbing vision of the X-Men world. If you think you can cut it, please join and see for yourself how long you can survive.))

Needed characters:
Canons, government agents, Hellfire Club, Brotherhood of Mutants. Please see site's Adoptable Character of the Week and Want Ads for more information.
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