Sep 10, 2009 13:57

Okay, Gerry Butler is hosting SNL on October 17th. I WANT TO GO. But that means the standby line. I plan on getting there at 6 PM on the 16th and waiting until 7 AM on the 17th, coming back to my pad in NJ, and then going back the evening of the 17th. BUT I NEED SOMEONE TO GO WITH ME OMG.

I am hoping my roommate will go, but are there any Gerry fanatics in the Tri-State area (OR ANYWHERE) that want to have the chance to get tickets with me? As long as I think you're cool, you can crash at my pad if you must. I live 30 minutes from Penn Station (South Orange, NJ), which is about 15 blocks south of 30 Rock (walking distance, lol - I've done it). But I want to see Gerry, or at least try to see Gerry! I wubbles him. Maybe Jason Statham will be there OMG! Probably not, lol.

Anyone want to help a desperate girl like me? If you live in the NE or DC areas there is MEGABUS so check it out - cheap bus tickets!


gerard butler

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